An Imperative Analysis of Obesity

Obesity is a medical condition in which the body accumulates excessive amount of fat that may be detrimental to the person’s health and everything the person does. To be able to know whether a person is obese or not, the BMI (Body Mass Index) is used. BMI is the relationship between the height and weight of the subject. Persons suffering from this medical condition are vulnerable to complications of the heart, kidney, lungs, osteoarthritis and cancer.

Such conditions are never good for any human being, much less if it is a student. Factors that lead to obesity are varied; some of which include lack of physical exercise, excess calories in the diet, psychiatric illnesses and may also be genetic susceptibility. These are the factors which are going to be addressed; those are the causes, effects and solutions. Obesity in Schools The number of children suffering from obesity has nearly doubled, and has almost tripled in adolescence since the year 1980s.

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These figurers are worrying and are creating a situation of low self esteem in children which greatly affects their performance in their studies. The number can though be reduced to a near halt if the schools are committed to help the students by adopting strategies to embrace physical activities and healthy eating habits in running school programs. BMI has proved to be the most important parameter to monitor and help correct obese cases.

When the schools that have obese correction programs realize that the BMI of a particular student has gone overboard above the unsafe level, a special health report card is sent to the parents indicating the child’s weight and height. The letter is also accompanied by recommended steps required of the parents in order to manage the situation, for instance replacing juices with high sugar levels with low calorie drinks (Hedley et al. ,2004, pp. 114-117 ).

Both the parent and the child do not receive the reports on obesity well, whenever the alarm bells are sounded, it is like the concerned parties experience a combined feeling of uneasiness, concern and denial. This is the point where counselors come in handy to help the parent and the student accept their predicament A lot of things have been put in force to bring down these levels down, though a little has been achieved probably because the programs have not integrated all the interest parties.

Schools having feeding programs have eliminated what has been most common in the diet like candy, junk and soft drinks as well as snacks with more than 8 grams of fat. Physical exercise have been prioritized and put as part of homework. It is believed that this strategy will go along way in raising the life expectancy among the latter generation. There is a lot of stigmatization that accompanies obesity is the society, particularly in the West where it was associated with wealth in the traditional African society.

Obesity effects vary with age and sex, and sill remains to be a growing health risk both in the developing and the developed world, reaching to epidemic levels. Before alarms bells were sounded, most schools had resorted to studies, studies and more studies and had completely neglected physical education; this is hurting the students in the long run. Self propelled transport and inter-school sports are almost dead. These are the incidences that are fueling obesity in our societies (Olshansky et al. , 2005, pp. 138-145).

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