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Physical and psychological difference in both boys and girls are obvious therefore they should be taught in different ways. Behavior of boys and girls are not alike as they are educated differently or it may be due to cultural factors. The major problem arises when boys and girls are not taught properly by their teachers plus their teachers do not understand dissimilarity between how girls and boys should be educated. This paper will examine difference between the ways both boys and girls should be educated and various procedures to understand their thoughts through a number of research. Girls vs.

Boys: Implications Regarding How Each Is Taught Girls vs. Boys: Implications Regarding How Each Is Taught Girls and boys learn in different ways which does not mean that boys learn in another way and girls in another. There are significant reasons due to which boys and girls are taught such as age difference amid a boy and girl. According to Doctor Leonard Sax, psychologist, girls and boys differ in both ways, physically and psychologically. His theory gender-neutral and child rearing means that girls and boys are educated in different cultures and ways that’s why they behave dissimilarly.

In 1990s, a number of boys visited his clinic as they were going through attention deficit turmoil. However, real dilemma was the way boys were educated by their teachers who were unable to understand difference between the learning process of a girl and boy. He explains that girls can easily recognize tone of their female teachers perhaps it is fine for the girls in contrast boys do not pay attention. Apart from age and cultural differences, sex based differences are also found in girls and boys. A human brain consists of tissues that show dissimilar compositions. This difference is because of hormonal changes and is also found in children.

He also noticed that girls can easily interpret facial expressions than boys. This difference is also seen even in young female babies as they are most of the time interested in looking people’s faces while male babies pays attention towards toys or moving objects. In actual fact, there are data regarding the images which are processed through brain from the composition of retina which brings a notable difference amid female and male. As a result, females are aware of different textures and colors while males recognize differences with direction, speed and location. Girls vs.

Boys: Implications Regarding How Each Is Taught Such differences are then reflected in the shape of toys like females go for dolls and boys go for cars. Due to this reason many boys and girls pay cost to it when it comes to schooling. A number of schools, especially kindergarten, consist of female teachers who encourage students to draw people by using a lot of colors hence boys are discouraged as teachers don’t appreciate their drawings, directing them by saying that “art is only for girls”. Difference between males and females is also obvious in the way people interpret.

Women use visual landmarks and on the other hand, men use abstract concepts for example east and west specifically concepts that pass on to distance. (Australian Journal of Education, 2005) A research made by Northwestern and Haifa University illustrates areas of brain that are linked with girl’s hard work on language more than boys plus both boys and girls were assigned a task depending upon their brain level. Language processing is more commonly found in boys as compared to girls that are found in abstract manner.

This can lead towards a major implication to educate children in a single sex classroom. By using functional magnetic resonance imaging or FMRI was implemented to measure brain activity of girls from age between nine and fifteen and boys of the same age group by giving them writing and spelling language task. Their tasks were divided into two parts 1) visual and 2) auditory. When it was visually presented to the children, they read a number of words without hearing them and when presented in an auditory form, they did not see those words but heard them aloud.

By using a complicated statistical based model, examiners found dissimilarities amongst males and females related to gender, age, types of judgment they made, performance and accuracy of writing and reading words. Girls vs. Boys: Implications Regarding How Each Is Taught They saw that girls showed more activity in regards to the language which were associated with their abstract thoughts rather than boys. Their levels of activation in some parts of the language were very accurate. In boys, the case was totally opposite.

Performance of boys was depended on reading words therefore the way they visualized each area of their brain and how it worked. If such a model takes place in a classroom, it can be easily informed by various testing methods and teaching procedure. If such an approach is given to boys, they can efficiently evaluate knowledge from oral tests, lectures and reading their written tests. These testing methods used for boys become unnecessary for girls as their language processing system is more abstract. As a result, girls develop faster than boys and this way sex factor may vanish until they reach adulthood.

In other words, meanings of the text that is linked with the brain are brought merely from hearing and seeing them in boys as they generate auditory and visual thoughts both. Abstract language puts males in disadvantage sector due to the association of sensory system it provides a bit advantage for primitive males where they quickly recognize danger linked with sounds and sights. ( Jeannedtte Kavanagh, 2007) However, notable differences exist in girls and boys by how they are emotionally handled by the teacher.

Most of the children cannot understand their emotions as this area of their mind has not been developed. In teenagers, emotions are slowly dealt by cerebral cortex because the area of this brain is related with higher cognitive sections. This change is mostly found in girls than in boys. If children at school are asked by their teachers to talk about their emotions or write about them will bring boys at a disadvantage. Another sect that is dissimilar amid girls and boys is to accept every kind of risk. Girls vs. Boys: Implications Regarding How Each Is Taught

Most of the boys are impressed by other boys that take risk and also enjoy taking risks. Girls seek less risk as compared to boys. In general, boys disobey their guardians when they tell them not to do something that will put on them to a risky situation. While boys like to take risk, basically they are overestimating their abilities whereas girls underestimate their abilities. According to a research in Boston University, most of the drowning victims are male from which they concluded that reason for this happening was as the males tried to overestimate their swimming capabilities.

Boy also like to contribute in violence or conflicts plus their relation with others, they are most of the time ready to fight and to give response even more aggressively than girls. This difference even goes out friendship. Girls organize their friendship while spending time and going to different places while boys friendship evolves around games and activities. There are different learning methods for boys and girls. Such as, most of girls tend to seek help from the teacher and they are more likely to obey instructions.

In contrast to boys, they generally talk to a teacher as a last option and are not interested in subject if they find it uninteresting. Boys try to motivate other students by responding to stress generated by confrontation tasks. This approach is not likely acceptable within girls. However, every child is unique and not every boys and girls are the same. By time boys and girls differ in speed on the bases of their brains being mature. Brain development consists of different sequence in girls as compared to boys. Hence, girls and boys develop in different way by time rather than saying boys develop slowly than girls do.

Skills regarding language are developed earlier is girls. Such a difference should be acknowledged by the teachers and they should react in a positive manner. Girls vs. Boys: Implications Regarding How Each Is Taught Trying to stop boys from fighting or telling them not to play games cannot help. The solution is not to eliminate their aggression butt should be transformed by giving different alternatives. Instead of prescribing medicine to the boys, teachers to separate both sexes and use appropriate teaching methods for each sex. (Australian Journal of Education, 2005)

Apart from girls and boys gender differences, boys are falling behind from girls. Boys are mostly found disabled two times more than girls. Boys studying in high schools are losing their grounds in contrast to girls for written tests. About 71% boys now say that they don’t like to go towards school according to research by University of Michigan. More than 30 years ago, boys represented 58% of graduate body but now it has decreased up till 44%. This wide gap has profound implications for society, families and economy. However, this problem cannot be solved at once.

They educated system has become gripped by a narrowly defined type of academic accomplishment in past two decades. As said by experts, myopic view is harming boys as they are biologically dissimilar from girls plus teachers should learn how to bring out the most excellent in each and every one of them. Scholar like Christina Hoff Sommers claimed that feminism misguidance is what’s been harming boys. In 1990s, girls were making steady progress towards equivalence in school per female teacher pictured them as drawback and abundant them with attention.

Meanwhile, boy’s achievement began to falter and was ignored. Expectations from boys for how they should learn and act have been altered. Girls vs. Boys: Implications Regarding How Each Is Taught For a number of boys, problem would have started from the age of 5 when they are at the level of kindergarten, where they are different from girls both physically and mentally. Boys, in contrast to girls, can coordinate well but their skills are less developed which makes them to show some great effort while they control a paintbrush or a pencil.

Boys are more impetuous than girls are for example they will not prefer to sit still for a long time. When boys reach towards middle school, they feel outgunned because girls reach their sexual maturity two years ahead than boys and again this puts boy at a disadvantage as well. Cortex, as mentioned above, is a knobby area of a brain which is used by adolescent boys in both ways therefore not so mature area of the brain activity. Girls at teenage level process information faster than boys.

A study made by Vanderbilt University has proved that boys can process information faster than girls when they reach at the age of 18 while girls in early stage of adolescence finish their work faster and more accurate. Scientists believe through a brain research that family, background and surroundings plays a major role as well. Some boys are very organized and assertive like girls with highest achievements. Nonetheless, due to such a fall in boy’s accuracy and speed in their studies, most of the states have adopted the old idea of separating girls from boys as they help children of both genders.

This old idea has showed a lot of positive signs as well such as boys who are the shyest are participating more in class. Girls are also showing positive signs like boys in studies. In many countries, gender balance at reached up to sixty to forty percent towards women. Primary and secondary schools are also making major changes by restoring the old gender balance. Girls vs. Boys: Implications Regarding How Each Is Taught As a new controversial movement in education system that girls brains works more differently than boys have made a number of schools to changes their system and converting them into single sex school.

Schools should teach girls and boys differently. Although, single sex school is not suggested to be good for all children but it can show some positive signs for both of the sexes. There are two sides of the picture for the concept of single sex schools that it may be positive for students to compete with the youth culture of anti-academicism but on the other hand schools will end up to single sex classrooms which is known as pro-academic choices according to the educators. (Elizabeth Weil, 2008),

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