Clinical Reflection

In order o achieve this objective I carried out the following activities and observations: * Doing te dressing wit te other staff nurse using aseptic technique * Taking rounds with Doctors. Assisting with insertion and removal of cannulas where needed. Taking report with other members of staff. * Working in a cubicle, progressing for the patients using the SOAPIE method and giving files to the registered nurse counter sign for and also to check if I have done the progressing well.

Serving as client advocates I represented the client by following up their pending x-ray and ultra-sound scan results and investigations. I also followed up on surgeries that were not done at the times communicated t the patients, finding out what the matter was and communicating back to the patients and their guardians and parents. Notifying other staff members about expired intra venous fluids (dextrose saline) that were already running on patients, stopped the fluids and ordered new ones from the pharmacy department

Developing leadership and managerial skills

I order to achieve this objective the following were done: * Managing the ward; * Ensuring that the nursing stuff carries out the Doctors’ orders to the best of their abilities in order to better the patient’s condition. * Following up on clients lab investigation results and pending surgeries. * Followed up transportation of discharged patients especially those going to places outside Gaborone such as Ghanzi and Tsabong and didn’t have transport. Also followed the transportation of patients who had to travel outside the country for investigation and surgeries. * Ordering of finished drugs and other materials needed in the ward.

Reflection During this week I was nervous as it was my first week and couldn’t perform to my best as it was my first time to word with pediatric patients whose conditions can tremendously within a very short time and therefore need close monitoring but as time went by I got to get used to the working I the paeds ward as practice makes perfect. Also when doing the dressings the aseptic was not fully followed as there was shortage of sterile packs therefore we had those the little that was available wisely to meet all the patients who needed to be dressing but if there were enough packs for every patient the procedure could have been followed fully.

Furthermore expired IV fluids were mistakenly given to patients but they were removed as soon as they were put up and I later learned that all others were also out of date and therefore they were taken out of the shelves. From this I learned to always check the expiry date of the drugs before giving them to clients.

Recommendations The following are my recommendations: * The university management (faculty administration) should increase the period for the internship program in order to increase exposure of students to the clinical set up. * There should be an orientation to the hospital to avoid students getting lost n the hospital when carrying extra ward duties such as collection of specimen and drugs for patients. * The university management should also put in place feeding schemes for students on internship to prevent them from contracting opportunistic infections such as tuberculosis.

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