Compare my major to be a doctor or a dentist

Compare my major to be a doctor or a dentist


Dentists are known to be health care professionals who deal with the prevention and treatment of complications that affect the mouth and teeth. Majority of the dentists are as a result of self-employed. They provide dental care privately or under National Health Service. However some are employed on salary basis in hospital dentistry, community dentistry, university teaching and research. On the other hand, a medical doctor is also known as a health care professional. He deals with the examination of patients, analyses the prescription of medicine and different treatment for injuries and diseases. The two professions are highly competitive in the Health care market; however one profession is more advantageous to the occupant than the other. (Halmaghi, 1998, p. 99)

            Dentistry as a profession has its disadvantages. As we all know that the dentist also performs some surgery of the mouth. This might lead to the contracting blood diseases thereby leading to acquisition of HIV AIDS and other blood borne diseases. However this disadvantage can be avoided as there are gloves used for every operation therefore prevention in contracting diseases. Other minor disadvantages are that they have to deal with crying babies, poor people who need more than they afford to do, looking at peoples disgusting mouths and  they experience back pains due to bending. The only major disadvantage is that the dentists have to deal with dental plans that are not well paying. (Gorlin, 1999, p. 110)

 Despite of the minor disadvantages of a dentist, there are massive advantages that propel students to major in this profession as opposed to the medical doctor profession. We should understand that both of these professions require a calling in helping fellow human beings. As viewed earlier, most dentists are self-employed. Therefore they are advantageous in that they can choose there own working hours, can write their own prescriptions and can get all the nitrous they want. As your own boss, you can do anything you feel like. This gives room for the dentists to integrate other careers and professions. They can work and at the same time run some businesses. They have ample time to spend with their families as opposed to the medical profession where one is glued to a hospital. The dentistry profession gives room for the diversity of multipurpose jobs thus huge income earnings for the dentist. (Szucs & Luebking, 2005, p. 93)

Medical doctor as a competitive profession involves different aspects that keep you glued to the profession. The percentages of students who make it in this profession are minor due to the conditions subjected in this profession. In order for anyone to make it in this profession one must have the personal interest in dealing with people and their wellbeing. They are supposed to be emotionally mature, enduring, careful and composed. In this profession, one has to be single-minded, be able to work as a machine because there is no room for mistakes one just has to be accurate and fast. They should be healthy and strong because they have massive workload. They should be able to work under pressure. (Leung, 2000, p. 102)

Despite of the workload, the salary is appealing and that’s why many individuals struggle to venture in that profession. It is widely seen that this profession is too involving as opposed to the dentistry profession. Although students who venture in this professions spend almost the same duration of time in the university approximately four to six years, most students shy off from venturing into the medical profession. Both the dentist and the medical doctor earn good salaries, however, the dentistry profession is more advantageous than the medical doctor profession when viewed in detail. (Jacob, 1999, p. 108)


            It can be seen that medical doctor profession is too involving as compared to the dentistry profession. The advantages of both professions are almost similar but as for the dentist it is more profitable and balanced. A medical doctor is always on his toes. He does not have sufficient time to spend with his family. He can be called to work anytime for an emergency. Moreover, it does not give room to diversity or integration of other careers because it needs total concentration. One is glued to the hospital and even though the salary is appealing, one has also a life to live. A dentist on the other hand will live a more balanced life than a medical doctor. At a first glance, many students will prefer the medical doctor profession as opposed to the dentistry profession but after visualizing both careers in detail, it is more profitable to venture in the dentistry profession than the medical doctor profession.


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