Create an obese free society

Good eating habit should therefore start with the teachers who will in turn try to implement them on students. It will be more enjoyable and fun if everyone in the entire school community is doing it. A part from being positive examples, teachers can also help in joining the group and acting as health councilors both at the school level and district level, ensure that healthy eating habits are adopted by the schools, give students opportunities to participate in the program and encourage them to join the group, replace rewards of food with physical activity and finally they will integrate physical education amidst the learning process.

The Role of Parents The parent is the primary role model of a child and if the parent is engaged in an activity that is not healthy; either the eating habit or lack of physical exercise, it would be very hard to convince the child that whatever he/she is doing ids right. Parents can therefore give the project an easy passage if they change their habits to more positive involvement in the drive.

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The project recommends that parents need to integrate steps to curb obesity prevalence by having healthy eating habits and making it a routine to have time for physical exercise for the whole family. A part from having positive health results, the initiative will also bring the family together and encourage openness as the family bond is strengthened.

Their role do not stop at giving healthy foods and being a positive role model to their children, the program requires parents to help the schools with the following; joining forces with the group to bring on board their expertise at the district and school level, encourage their children to join the program, work with the schools to help formulate policies to root out obese related complications; both in schools and at home, pressurize school administrations who have not yet started the healthy feeding programs in their schools to do so and finally make healthy lunches for their children.

The Role of Students The back of all this initiative stops with the students since they are the prime target group and if they do not buy the plan and embrace the program’s strategy, then the whole initiative will be a flop. The students need to realize the benefits of joining the group and helping out into realizing its goals. Having many students join the group will act as an inspiration to other students who might assume that the program is strictly for adults.

Once they have joined the club, the program requires the students to carry out a survey to personally witness the extent of damage that the condition and in return determine their course after having known the magnitude of the task ahead. This will also help them to gage what challenges they are likely to encounter in their fight to create an obese free society. For a schools that has never had not formed such an organization, the students can request the school heads to do so and it will be unlikely for such a request coming from youngsters to be rejected.

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