Decreasing parental conflicts

We do not mean to say that such health issues are minor. However, there are more significant effects that researchers have discovered to be directly related to the inability of an individual to release stress. For example, researchers have discovered that in many hospitals, chronic heart failure patients are given health-related quality of life care as well as social support, for an increasing amount of stress, if not addressed within the stations, given the risk of such future heart failure problems (Bennett et al. , 2001).

Also, in the workplace, emotional stress by the labor force have been found by statisticians and researchers to significantly increase future physical symptoms that may arise during the stay of their employment (Schaubroeck & Jones, 2000). These researchers have concluded that highly stressful environments in the workplace in fact critics and assures that physical symptoms and health-related problems would eventually arise in the future. There are some who argue that stress is a choice.

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Many individuals and readers may think that this is not the case because stress could not be avoided. In fact, that is true. Stress exists in everyday life. However, as further research has shown, there are in fact methods in order to avoid such stress. In a study that was published by the Journal of Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, researchers had discovered that decreasing parental conflicts and other sources of stress significantly rises the level of child security within the family (Davies et al. , 2002).

Although the paper focuses on child development — because this is the sample size that they have chosen in order to undergo their research — they have also included in the study a commentary that stress could be avoided by individuals if they are able to immediately recognize it. In the case of the study, interpersonal conflict was recognized to be the main contributor to the emotional stress of children within those families.

Therefore, when the sample size was advised, and these parents realizing that their actions contributed greatly to the mental health and emotional health of their children, they had decreased such parental conflicts and home — and as a result the studies had discovered that the stress levels of these children had decreased greatly during that time of transition and transformation.

Also, various research focusing on the workplace environment have discovered that individuals who are able to recognize that stress was destroying the relationships they had with one another — may it be personal or productive in nature for workplace — they were able to decrease the stress levels in hand done so by the various means advised by therapists and other specialized individuals for the issue (Roberts & Levenson, 2001a).

As a result, not only did their employers seek a higher productivity rate for their employees, but a survey of perception in workplace communication and environment had changed greatly to a positive one. Since the previous research that we had collected had already concluded through statistical analysis that workplace stress contributes greatly to future physical well-being and health, such methods of avoiding stress would therefore be able to decrease future physical health problems in the future in these working environments (Roberts & Levenson, 2001b).

Even in studies where there was already pre-existing violent behavior among individuals, releasing the factors and removing the factors that contributed to stress in that environment significantly reduce the already present violent behavior. There were even some observations in the data where in the violent behavior had decreased to zero after such stressful stimuli was removed from the environment (Umberson, Williams, & Anderson, 2002).

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