DMD Medical Supplies

DMD Medical Supplies faces a problem regarding the professional performance of the employees for six months now. The crisis will be dealt upon by the clerk who is promoted to the position of the office manager. The workflow of the company is well divided to ensure fairness in the assignment of tasks. The problem rose when Ruth Disselkoen has been taking in so much work but sacrificing the quality of the output. Overtime hours of Ruth incur additional costs of $200 per month for the company.

The costs are not compensated since the value of the output is poor. She handles two more employees, Samuel and Frank Daley. On the other hand, a different case of work crisis is presented by Jack Snyder. The said employee comes in late for work, doesn’t accept full workload and takes breaks than the required number. Despite the lazy attitude, the quality of Jack’s work output is good. Jessica Hilo, Jack’s has been on a medical leave for four months already.

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Thus, Jessica’s work will be assigned Frank Daley. Obviously, the tasks of the employees should be well defined to avoid overload and under load units of work. As the office manager, the main task is to take on decisions that will solve the problems faced by the company. There is a dilemma of accomplishing a lot of work but of poor quality and doing less work but ensuring its quality. The problem can be solved by doing a biannual evaluation of the employees which will be conducted by the supervisor.

There will be criteria that will encompass all work qualities like being punctual, meeting the deadlines and meeting the required quota for workload. The results of the evaluation will have an impact on the employees’ pay and work status. The tasks of Jessica Hilo will not only be assigned to Frank Daley but to Samuel Daley as well to avoid work overload like Ruth’s case. Lastly, overtime pay will be granted if and only if the work done meet the standards set by the supervisor.

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