DNP and My Goals

Health is perhaps one of the most controversial issues today. Now more than ever, it seems that the concern for health is stronger that people are advocating for an effective healthcare system. This active awareness on, participation to discourse about, involvement in activities with regard to, and promotion of healthcare is a positive sign that health is becoming a truly significant part of people’s lives, which should have been the case ever since. This is a fortunate development for those who have easy access to healthcare systems and services.

Yet for those who cannot even afford medications to the simplest sicknesses, the concern of health may not even make it to the list of their priorities but may rather be the least of their priorities. This is especially true with the case of poor nations, overpopulated cities, and unaware individuals. Realizing that a huge portion of the world’s population is affected by this unfortunate situation, it is therefore a natural feeling for me as a healthcare provider to empathize and do something to alleviate the situation.

I therefore aspire to reach out to impoverished communities that suffer from health issues such as hypertension and diabetes. These two are silent killers this is why I wish to primarily pay attention to these conditions. Creating awareness within and developing effective programs for such communities are thus significant to address these two and all other health concerns they may have. Hence, determining which communities and sectors of society that urgently needs healthcare and attention is especially crucial.

Educating these people about maintaining a healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle to keep away from sicknesses and diseases should therefore be given priority. Similarly, I aspire to reach out to school systems to provide students and educators alike with adequate and significant knowledge on health issues such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and the effects of long term drug issues that plague the teenage community today. I plan on teaching the young about maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that they can avoid possible health and life risks starting at an early age.

With this, teaming up with various educational institutions would therefore be necessary. To fulfill these long-term professional goals, my first instinct is to improve myself to be a better and more effective nurse practitioner. Hence, I wish to earn a CNN certification first as a short-term educational goal. Receiving such certification will add up to my credentials for me to be a valuable healthcare practitioner. Nonetheless, I deem that earning the Doctor of Nursing Practice or DNP will advance my career especially if I aspire to reach my long-term goals of being of service to critical communities.

This is because the DNP will primarily equip me with a sound scientific and advanced foundation in the nursing practice (AACN, 2004). With this, I will be able to come up with systematic, logical, and innovative ways to address the needs of the critical communities. Moreover, the DNP program helps improve leadership and management skills in an organization (AACN, 2004). Hence, earning it will be beneficial in planning and advocating for healthcare programs for the communities I aspire to reach. Furthermore, DNP focuses on health policy development, implementation, and evaluation (AACN, 2004).

Therefore, earning it will enable me to come up with, execute, and assess effective policies for my chosen critical communities. With these in mind, it is therefore essential that I apply for the DNP. Earning this will not just mean honor and prestige for my part but also realization of my goals and aspirations for the improvement and betterment of the communities that I want to deliver more effective, advanced, and lasting healthcare systems and services to. Reference AACN. (2004). AACN Position Statement on the Practice Doctorate in Nursing. Retrieved from http://www. aacn. nche. edu/DNP/DNPPositionStatement. htm

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