Do Baby Boomers Prefer the Use of Smart Phones or the Use of Regular Cello-phones?

While the literature review helped in highlighting different aspects of technology and how it can be useful for making life simpler, the survey method of gathering primary data proved to be helpful in gaining an insight into the contemporary world. In this case inputs were sought from 12 individuals having crossed 45 years of age. Having six males and equal number of females further helped in finding the gender leanings while making use of latest technological advancements.

The fact that majority of the respondents happened to be well educated, made it easier for the study of this nature. The study indicated that amongst those not using a smartphones, an overwhelming majority belonged to female respondents, while 20 percent of the respondents with an experience ‘only’ with smartphones happened to be male respondents. In response to another query, while indicating their preferences for the phones, 58 percent were inclined to use smartphones while the rest of 42 percent preferred to remain with the regular mobile instruments.

It is worth emphasizing that majority amongst these 42 percent were from the female respondents. This certainly is an indication that female respondents amongst the Grey community prefer to remain more traditional. In response to another query enquiring about the key factors driving the demand for their preferred gadgets, usability was pointed out as the most important factor followed by the compatibility of gadgets in different types of networks while roaming around the world. Quite interestingly email facility and cost factor happened to be third most preferred options.

In response to another query asking the primary purpose of the usage, 59 percent of the respondents indicated that they’d use it for their personal use, followed by 33 percent of those using it for business purposes. This is perhaps an indication to those companies who emphasize their product as ‘business phones’. While being requested to come out with their own preferences for zeroing-in on a particular type of instrument, internet connectivity, reliability, size of the phone, cost of the package, and user friendliness topped the list of key criteria for final selection.

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