Doctor’s presentation

An interesting part was that when there was a twenty minutes break for tea, the interaction amongst the participants was very healthy. They were discussing all that had happened in the doctor’s presentation so far. All of them seemed very involved and quiet into the situation. Hence after the break the doctor had to hardly make any effort to make the audience remind of the context that had led them to their present situation.

Another interesting part of the lecture was that when at the end of the session the doctor told the audience that now it was their turn to ask questions or share their own experiences that they think is significant in this context, the response was overwhelming. The twenty minutes that was left aside for this last part of the lecture got stretched to forty-five minutes and finally the doctor had to request that they should end the interactive session immediately as he had an important appointment. I observed lots of non verbal communication, during the whole lecture.

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To begin with; the non verbal communication of the doctor was excellent. His posture, eye contact with the audience, hand movements and quality of voice had a solid effect in not only grasping the audience attention but keep holding the attention from the beginning to the end. I didn’t notice a single yawn, which too was an achievement on the doctor’s part. By the end of the lecture I also observed that the audience was not as stiff in their body language as they were at the beginning of the lecture.

This change was particularly evident after the tea break. The doctor too seemed less formal and the audience had settled down in the situation pretty well. Their postures had changed and they looked more comfortable within the setting. The culture of the entire interaction pointed towards the fact that if the situation and context of interaction is of interest then the outcome is automatically good. I inferred that people have great power to gel only if there is a right situation and like minded people around.

I got a valuable insight into the human behavior and nature of human interaction that pointed out that in order to communicate; both verbal and non verbal communication is important. However it is the non verbal communication that is an indication of the extent of barrier that is existent between the sender and the receiver. The non verbal communication sends many signals to the participants and observers of a communication process and plays a great role in making the whole communication process a success or a disaster.

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