Energy imbalance

More than a billion in the world is overweight, while hundred millions of them are obese (WHO 2010). These people are having their precious health affected negatively due to their excess body fat. Each year, 300,000 Americans alone dies because of excess adipose (Gibbs 2005). This disturbing situation imposed obesity as an epidemic. Many blames the way of life living, laziness and gluttony to cause obesity to an individual (Women Fitness 2010). To make it more clearly, the major factors has been enumerated into a list below:

1. Genes – According to Professor Froguel of Imperial College in London (c. 2010), GAD2 gene affects obesity in one out of ten subject person who is overweight. However, health are cannot be predicted by the genes. 2. Poor diet – Choosing high-fatty foods contributes to the disease. Another, eating breakfast is a simple solution to fight obesity, stated by the American Heart Association based on their research on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention. 3.

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Fast food – Along the busy streets is the stalls of fast food vendors and is dominating all over the cities of the world that encourages each passer to buy their goods. 4. Lack of physical activity – Burning fats is necessary in maintaining active health and good body mechanism. A moment to perspire and use all fats into energy is very significant. 5. Social influence – The social environment also affects one’s eating behavior. Acceptance begins in eating like the way other people in the group eats, which is not necessary.

6. Energy imbalance – The amount of energy taken should be exactly the same amount of energy to release. The failure to convert enough fats into energy can lead to obesity. These are just some of the highly-pointed factors, why obesity happens. Truly, self discipline is a must to implement, to avoid miserable results. Maintaining a simple living and proper self care can possibly help. Reference: Anne Collins (2007) Causes of Obesity [online] available from <http://www. annecollins. com/obesity/causes-of-obesity.

htm> [25 March 2010] Wayt Gibbs, W. (2005) Obesity: An Overblown Epidemic? [ online] available from <http://www. scientificamerican. com/article. cfm? id=obesity-an-overblown-epid> [June 2005] Women Fitness (2010) Top 10 Contributing Factors to Obesity [online] available from <http://www. womenfitness. net/top10_factors_obesity. htm> [25 March 2010] World Health Organization (2010) Obesity and Overweight [online] available from <http://www. who. int/dietphysicalactivity/publications/facts/obesity/en/> [25 March 2010]

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