Ethical Issues at Patton-Fuller

Patton-Fuller is a community hospital. This hospital has been in operation since 1975. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a small hospital, but it still contains all of the different departments that are a necessity for any hospital. Patton-Fuller has emergency rooms, operating rooms, a pharmacy, labs, many different wards, a radiology department, outpatient exam rooms, an ICU, and many different Doctor’s offices. All of the different departments have their own waiting rooms as well (VOP, 2010).

There are also offices for Human Resources, Information Technology, Senior Management, Finances, and Admitting and Discharging. The hospital employees many different employees and has many codes already in practice for safety and ethical purposes. Even with all of these codes the hospital is still experiencing some ethical issues that need their immediate attention (VOP, 2010). Ethical Dilemma Number One Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has experienced a data breach. This data breach has resulted in the unauthorized access and release of medical records (VOP, 2010).

It is obvious that the security on the patient data needs to be stronger. Also, the hospital really needs to find out who is responsible for the breach. A patient’s medical records are supposed to be kept confidential and they could face a lawsuit as a result of this data breach and the release of these medical records. They need to have security tightened and check their videotapes to see if they can find out who breached data security. They also need to try to retrieve the records that were released and have them put back and try to secure confidentiality with whomever they were released to.

They need to do their best to try to maintain the confidentiality of those records for their patient. Also, they need to notify the patient that their records have been released without their permission before the patient finds out themselves. Ethical Dilemma Number Two There have been many different incidents involving patients receiving the incorrect medication or another patient’s medication. Also during these times the patient who was supposed to receive the medication ended up not receiving it or receiving it late.

There have been reported incidents with several different nurses but three of these incidents were with the same nurse and one of them resulted in the death of a patient (VOP, 2010). It is obvious that this nurse has not learned to be more careful and to make sure that she has the proper medication and the proper patient. This nurse should be terminated before she causes the hospital to receive a lawsuit due to her negligence. If they do not terminate this employee it is very likely that these mistakes will continue to occur and more deaths may result. This nurse is violating the trust of the patients in the hospital by not performing her job properly.

It would not be unethical to fire this nurse because she has been warned with the first two incidents that this would not be tolerated. Ethical Dilemma Number Three Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has received a violation for not disposing of needles properly. If this violation is not corrected quickly then it will result in the shut-down of the hospital. They have tried to assemble a team to deal with this situation but the person selected to head up the team is currently busy with many other situations that need their immediate attention.

Another employee would like to head up the team but does not want to include two of the members that were selected for the team. This person is the Chief Compliance Officer but he has been putting down other employees and insinuating that they are incompetent (VOP, 2010). They need to find someone to head up the team quickly, but it is obvious that the Chief Compliance Officer is not the best person for the job and he needs to be spoken with about his treatment of the other employees as well.

They need to find someone with experience to head up the team so that they can start holding meeting with the staff about the proper disposal of needles and the safety risks that are involved if the needles are not disposed of properly. The improper disposal of needles violates the employees and patients right to feel safe and can endanger the health of the staff and the patients. As you can see, Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has three rather serious ethical issues that they are currently facing.

It is the responsibility of the hospitals senior management to see to it that the situations are handled safely, quickly, and properly. Two of these situations could result in lawsuits for the hospital and the other may result in the shut-down of the hospital if not handled correctly and as quickly as possible. It is very important that these situations are tended to and corrected. ? References Virtual Organizations Portal-Business, 2010. Apollo Group Inc. Retrieved from http://ecampus. phoenix. edu/secure/aapd/CIST/VOP/Business/PortBus. htm.

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