Facility: Cost and Texas Specialty Hospital

Improvements for Texas Specialty hospital takes phase and observation and staying within the regulatory requirements, financial plan, forecasting of the facility and the interior design of the facility. Remaining within code requirements which will all the help the designer and contractor. For the preliminary design it must be a well thought out progress by the stakeholders in the proposal. Shades of color are that are appealing and used for Texas Specialty as a warm and healing process, as well as noise decrease must be reflected when planning the facility.

Before the construction can be begin the equipment and electronic items must be determine by the budget planning in which are the first steps in the process of facility planning. An implementation plan of the proposal from the preliminary phases of the plan of the facility through construction of the facility has to be arranged. Regulatory Requirements According to (Carr, 2010) Health care facility such as Texas Specialty Hospital is required to follow the licensing regulations of their state.

The most common guidelines uses are the Facility Guidelines Institute for design and construction of health care facilities. The states require use of the codes in International Building and must be accredited by The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (Carr, 2010) In addition to The Joint Commission the regulation require compliance with the fire codes of the National Fire Protection Association. In which standards are set through the guides of safety within facilities.

The American with Disability Act and OSHA regulations are both regulatory requirements that the facility must follow. Health facilities need to be accessible to patients and all who seek care with designs that enhance care. Security and Safety also plays a vital part in the regulatory requirement for health care facility. Water and energy should also be sustainable since the patients are the primary users of the source. The equipment used at the facility also should follow the codes and standards.

Color Selection Implications and Noise Issues The color of a health care is essential to the welfare and the health of patients. Colors that are calming and well-coordinated so that mental state and mood of patients and create an environment supportive to their recovery. (Carr, 2010) If the colors are not appealing to the eye it could possibly affect the patient healing process and become threatening to their recovery. Noises in a health care facility should be kept at minimal to allow patients enough time to rest and recover.

Privacy is also vital and facilities should ensure they protect patient’s information when giving care. Equipment Needed In order for the acute hospital such as Texas Specialty Hospital requires certain equipment and electronic items. In which include a safe-pole is an IV pole, Aero flex Ventilator Circuit, Ventilator, electronic medical record computer, diagnostic machine, durable medical equipment-walking aids, bath safety, wheel chair, storage and transport, blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes,themormeters, heart monitors, emergency oxygen.

And the electronic items that are needed in an acute hospital are electronic beds, monitors, telephones, side lighting and computers assessments, intercom system, electronic doors and locks for medicine rooms. Budget Planning The budget and cost estimates for any facility are the planning stage of venture. (Meredith &Mantel, 2006, p. 10) The budget is not just a plan on how the funds are distributed nor is it just an appearance of organizational policy. The budget is a control tool that is used to define what funds will be used for different materials.

“The budget serves as a standard baseline for comparison, a baseline from which to measure the difference between the actual costs and planned uses of the resources. ” (Meredith & Mantel, 2006 p. 10) As for as the reconstruction for Texas Specialty the estimated cost is $326 million dollars, which is for the interior, construction of the building, and floors. Roles of Stakeholders in Facility Planning The budget and cost estimate and reviews by stakeholders before going into the reconstruction of the building.

The stakeholder s role is to develop a facility plan and make sure that there is a budget that is put in place. The stakeholders that are responsible for the facility planning at Texas Specialty Hospital are the CEO, the finance manager, operation manger, and the physician in chief. According to (Meredith& Mantel, 2006, p. 13) the finance department is responsible for managing the organization’s funds and also assuring the availability of the appropriate amount of funds for the payment of the project’s bills.

The CEO also have a team that they put together to help in the decision making throughout the reconstruction process. Stakeholders are also responsible for making sure the emergency personnel can having easy access when picking up and dropping of patients. The stakeholders ensure that the facility meets standards and not violating standards and procedures to harm to the patients and staff. In summary Cost and estimate in budget planning are the first steps when deciding to reconstruct Texas Specialty Hospital, as well as the interior designs.

Staying in regulations of the regulatory policy ensure the security and safety to each patient. Preparation for a renovation for a specialty hospital is a very comprehensive experience. Renovations will be expected to last for up to 10 years so it is vital to plan for forthcoming requirements. It is imperative to plan for the upcoming needs of the community but to dodge over building The specialty hospital of Houston has currently expanded its services to patients needing care. This type of care will be needed as the large numbers of the community are aging.

It is important to look at the design in a manner that will not only comfort the patient but support growth as new physicians come to work with patients at Texas Specialty Hospital. It is also important to know that the hospital has expanded in other areas and a well-functioning program providing quality care will support this growth. Reference Carr,R. (2010). Hospital. NIKA technologies, Inc. Retrieved from www. wbdgorg/design/hospital. php Meredith, J. R. , S. J. (2006) Budgeting and Cost estimate. Project Management. (6th ed. ) Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley &Sons, Inc.

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