Health Care and State Government

A public hospital or government hospital is a hospital which is owned by a government and receives government funding. This type of hospital provides medical care free of charge, the cost of which is covered by the funding the hospital receives. In India, public hospitals (called Government Hospitals) provide health care free at the point of use for any Indian citizen. These are usually individual state funded. However, hospitals funded by the central (federal) government also exist.

State government hospitals are run by the state (local) government and may be dispensaries, peripheral health centers, rural hospital, district hospitals or medical college hospitals (hospitals with affiliated medical college). In many states (like Tamil Nadu) the hospital bill is entirely footed by the state government with patient not having to pay anything for treatment. However, other hospitals will charge nominal amounts for admission to special rooms and for medical and surgical consumables. From 2 Oct 2011 Rajasthan state government started a unique scheme in public health care history.

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All patients visiting government health care institutions are provided all essential drugs, surgical and sutures at free of cost under the chief minister flagship scheme named Mukhyamantri Nihshulk Dava Yojna “MNDY”. From 07 April 2013 the state government also launch another flagship scheme toward public health care “Free Diagnosis Scheme”. Under this scheme patient are getting 57 type of diagnostics (Pathology, Microbiology, Radiology and Cardiology). Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation (RMSC) is the nodal agency to procure, manage supply and monitor both the flagship schemes in the entire state.

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