Health Care Careers and Diagram Paper

Health care career is a Hospital Administrator. While hospitals are competitive in their trade there key people that make the hospital what it is. Hospital administrator helps to save patients and residents lives. They have a summary of duties and manage different departments. It helps maintain patient satisfaction, insurances companies and maintain an accounting standpoint. As hospital administrator you have to be the go between or (liaisons) between the patients and residents of the hospital. Actually a hospital administrator is a person that deals with public relations and a little of Human Resources. (Hospital Administrator The Princeton Review (N.D.) Services and Products of Hospital Administrator

Hospitality is a service along with growth in specialties such as Cancer, Mental Health Challenges. (Becker’s Hospital Review; Leadership & Management (2012). Patient’s care is improving with new technology. Insurance benefits with top dollar reimbursement. Helping patients and residents and consumers that are not insured. To ensure quality care and respectability for patients and residents and consumers.

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(Microsoft Clipart Graphs 2011)
Challenges of Hospital Administrators
Some concerns of hospitals are surviving in a competitive world. Bringing in the right stakeholders, donators. Also achieving the highest reimbursement from private and state and local insurances. In today’s economy there are many urgent care and private facilities, which patients and consumers along with residents can choose from.

In conclusion a Hospital Administrator is a large hub in the circle. Managing many departments dealing with supervisors, managers and many others. Being a people person that can communicate with health care staff and patients along with consumers. Being able to help the ship run smoothly and try to implement new procedures, technology and help keep the facility competitive. Being versatile and able to do many different positions will help get and understand the position you are trying to fill.

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