Health care inovations-ethical dilemas

Do you think advance role nurses face more ethical dilemmas than baccalaureate or associate degree nurses? Why or why not? It has been posited by many theorist of the Nursing discipline that health care ethics has its peculiar culture because the issues which face the profession are both unique and extensive. As such the higher the Nurse goes up the professional ladder be it as an administrator or advance role nurse there will be times when upholding ethical standards within the profession would become challenging.

Unfortunately the advanced role nurse is faced with the issues of merely administering doctors’ order whether they are consistent with her ethical views. Hence the acute dilemma of who to please. There might the added pressure of- family demanding answers which might be outside the jurisdiction of the advanced nurse’s scope to handle as it pertains to the ethical boundaries within she is legislated to function.

The associate degree or baccalaureate nurses are more at an administrative level most times are not placed in the position of having such direct contact with patient issues. Their role is more staffing oriented which puts the directly away from the sensitive issues which plague the profession from that ethical paradigm. What role does the internet play on the innovation of healthcare? The internet serves as the news agency of healthcare.

Like the television and news papers it projects to the public a profile which encourages the public to value as well as trust the process itself. There is a wealth of essential information available on the internet for the public to view and review. It does not only inform but educates as well. REFERENCE Pacific Lutheran University. Advanced Role Nurse. Retrieved 23rd May 2010. http://www. plu. edu/~smithmd/advanced-nursing/home. html

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