Health care practitioner

I have always wanted to become a health care practitioner. I wanted to become a physician and I wanted to specialize in gynecology. When I was a student, I had the opportunity to work in different departments in the hospital such as the Department of Obstetrics and the Department for Research in Reproduction. I was well on my way to pursuing the path that I want which is gynecology but my eyes were opened to the problems of the public health sector. I had a change of heart—the road I want to tread is the road of public health.

Public health sparked my interest especially since I hail from a developing country where people know very little of preventive health care and health insurance. Most of the people also have no savings such that they have no capacity to pay for health care services when the need for it arises. As a public health care practitioner, I hope to ease, if not totally solve this problem of society. With this, I can also be of aid to my country since many are being deprived of health care, especially children. I always read a lot about public health care issues and I know that I can do a lot to improve the system.

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I want to study to acquire knowledge that will give me a good footing so that I can start on working for my goals. In the future, I would want to get into an international organization that is devoted to improving the public health care system. My ultimate goal is to be able to provide health care service to those who are deprived of it. This will give me the satisfaction that I cannot find anywhere else. Everyone should have access to health care and I can certainly help in this department if I have knowledge in public health care. This knowledge I hope to gain at a premiere educational institution such as Birmingham University.

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