Health Impacts

The after effects of exposure to nano particles are yet to be fully ascertained as they are yet to be proven a serious hazard and no serious cases of nano particle health effects have been observed yet. The size and duration of the intake or exposure also determine the range of health risks it might pose. Around $37. 7 million was invested in the field of nano technology and the relevant risk research in the fiscal year 2006 [7]. Researchers still support the manufacture and development of nano particles, since it is a huge commercially viable, technologically sound and lucrative industry.

Despite, continual development, certain cosmetics now found in the U. S. Market are being held up for release owing to its possibility of toxicity. Nanoparticles incorporated into various materials are small enough for hundreds of thousands of them to converge on the tip of a needle. At that scale and size, the physical and chemical properties of the matter changes in unexpected ways. arbon atoms, for example, when woven into hollow microscopic threads, can conduct electricity and are stronger than steel.

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Other nanomaterials look promising as drug delivery vehicles, environmental cleanup tools and in computer hard drives. Nanoparticles are known to boost the ultraviolet-light-blocking power of sunscreens and cosmetics [8]. But because of their sometimes extreme chemical reactivity, and because they are just the right size to integrate themselves into living cells, nanoparticles are regarded with caution and safety. Preliminary experiments performed on animals have found nanoparticles capable of moving into and damaging the lungs, brain and other organs.

And while some nanomaterials may be able to neutralize poisons in soil or groundwater, others appear environmentally toxic themselves and are also known to harm organisms that live in soil and earth. However, since no serious cases of risks to human health have been reported, careful measures are being taken to handle the research and manufacture of nanoparticles with extreme caution so that consumers and investors are not unreasonably alarmed. Educational programs are being offered to the next generation of engineers and scientists so further development can be made in this area.

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