Health status

There will be a variety of choices that the citizens can make on which plan best fits them. They will also be on the same platform as the people in the congress. This ensures competition in the insurance market when it comes to health coverage (White House para 3). In my opinion, every citizen will, therefore, have a wide variety of choices that he or she can decide to adopt regarding the type of coverage he or she wants. Some citizens who may be having underlying health problems will not feel left out. This is beneficial to all regardless of their conditions, age or health status.

Since insurance cover will be sold in a market with numerous companies involved, citizens will definitely have a choice. They will be able to scrutinize all the companies and choose the one that offers an affordable cover or depending on what he or she can afford. In my opinion, this is a good move that will be beneficial to the citizens and cut on the expenses that they incur. The other benefit is flexibility which will allow citizens to buy insurance cover from other states. This will be possible due to the presence of interstate insurance markets.

Lastly, the process of getting an insurance cover will be made easier than it has always been. Most citizens have been compelled to sign so many insurance forms. Acquisition of insurance will be made easier since it will involve less paperwork (Toner para 3). In my opinion, this will save the time wasted in filling so many complex forms and make the process easier. According to Obama, the stability of the economy and the federal budget can only be realized through his proposed health plan. The plan is projected to reduce the inadequacy experienced in the in the economy by a large margin over the next decade (by about $100 billion).

This amount is expected to increase in the following decade by about $ 1 trillion. The government expenditure has been overwhelmingly high with high incidences of waste and fraud. This plan will therefore reduce the amount of money that is being misused (Toner para 4). The plan will be of benefit to citizens who own small businesses and cannot offer cover to their employees. They will be given tax credits and also accessibility to insurance exchange if they wish to cover the employees (Toner para 7). This will be a choice of the owners not a requirement.

However, the small businesses that may wish to partner with others in order to improve the bargaining power will be free to do so. In this plan, there will be no abrupt hiking of insurance rates when a worker gets sick (White House para 5). The Obama plan will therefore, promote the health of the citizens who are suffering from a variety of preventable diseases such as obesity and heart diseases. Since this plan will care for such patients, it is a good deal. The plan will ensure the well being of the nation at large hence it is worth adopting.

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