Healthcare Communications Methods

Health care communications coordinator is to oversee healthy, truthful, and important facts regarding health care and subcategories. A communications coordinator is known as a marketing professional that coordinates organizations both internally and externally. This type of occupation is a key role in an organizations reputation with the employees and within the public. Communications coordinator may work directly for an organization or for an agency that may specialize in public relations or marketing.

In this essay, one will learn about an incident, which happened with a national drug company, Woodruff National Drug Manufacturer (WNDM), and alleged reports about negative side effects from the very popular drug, known as Tellital. In this essay, one will discover how the advantages and disadvantages of using traditional, electronic, and social media for health care communication is either beneficial or detrimental for any company, especially in health care. One will learn the effects of HIPAA and other regulations on the use of these media for health care communication.

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About the Company, About the Drug The Woodruff National Drug Manufacturer markets many well-known and popular medications. The particular drug, which is discussed, is the popular Tellital capsule, for the middle-aged population. Tellital, is manufactured to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is called the face-lift in a capsule. This medication is taken once a day and is not to be taken with any other usage of age defying medications, such as Botox injections, and collagen injections. However, it can be used with some moisturizing lotions and other creams not containing additional collagen.

The patients are informed about the possible side effects from suddenly stopping this medication. Possible side effects are nausea, diarrhea, redness, swelling of the face and other skin surfaces, yellowing of eye pigmentation, uneven skin deformations, and loss of some control of some facial muscles. This medication is to be taken under the care of the prescribing physician, and any side effects should be reported to the physician immediately. Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication Methods All forms of communication can be beneficial to anyone if he or she involve correct and accurate information.

No matter what incident or situation involving one or more persons, there are always two or more different sides of the story or to be told different perspectives from different views from which the person or persons are involved. When dealing with companies and the public, most often the stories are fabricated and often exaggerated to gain the attention of the public, whether good or bad. The more attention gained, the more the ratings for the specific forms of media involved. Networks love ratings because this boosts their network productions. The advantages of using media for health care communication have pros and cons.

There are many forms of media such as traditional media, which include television, newspapers, radios, and magazines. Traditional media are more secure rather than electronic and social media. There are newer, faster, and cost-effective forms of media now, such as Internet, e-mail, text messaging, cellular phones or smart phones, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and online blogs. With using traditional media, the information may take a little longer to reach the public, but the audiences are bigger. With using electronic and social media, the information is received by the public in a more quickly manner and is more convenient.

The audiences using social media use it because it is more quickly and fits their lifestyle, considering everything is fast paced. The audiences on social media want the information in a prompt fashion, not to wait until the six o’clock news to come on. They can have the information on hand at their fingertips and a push of a button. The disadvantages of using traditional media is to have to coordinate reporters, news journalists, station networks, and to wait to have the information to be published in the next day newspaper and magazine, or waiting for it to broadcast on the local evening news station.

Another disadvantage of using traditional media is that the newspapers and magazines may not reach a significant amount of readers; another disadvantage is that many people may need to have the information published in another form of language such as Spanish or Arabic, so limiting the publications to traditional media may be limiting the types of audiences which will be reached.

The disadvantages of using electronic and social media can cause interference by cutting into quality time, and makes people more susceptible to cyber-security attacks. With electronic and social media, there can always be a glitch in a program or software, or hackers can breach an electronic system. Weighing out the pros and cons, all forms of media can be beneficial for our company in reaching out to the public, informing them about Mayor Doeman’s condition, and the negative effects caused by our drug Tellital.

Communications Coordinator I, Christina Woodruff, Communications Coordinator, on behalf of Woodruff National Drug Manufacturer, (WNDM), show concern about the rising events, which have taken place regarding one of our drugs, Tellital. It has been brought to my attention and to the attention of Woodruff National Drug Manufacturer, which there have been allegations reporting significant negative effects, which is supposed to have been caused by our drug.

There is rising concern around the recent events from the media exposure on the adverse effects of our nationally advertised medications has had on the mayor of Somewhereville, West Virginia. Mayor Jane Doeman has experienced one or more of the side effects, which was labeled on the drug packaging, and explained by the prescribing doctor. Mayor Doeman has experienced facial paralysis on the left side of her face. We are very sympathetic and tremendously apologize that this has happened to Mayor Doeman, and we are addressing all concerns regarding this situation.

According to duPre (2005), “Lack of communication can lead to duplicated efforts, costly delays, (which some may be life threatening), frustration, and a waste of time” (duPre, 2005, p. 289), and one of our goals is to maintain open communication paths to relationships. The meeting today will help identify several ways to deliver our message. The conference will help to develop and brainstorm communication methods regarding the negative publicity, including our drug, Tellital, and the situation involving Mayor Doeman.

The conference today will help decide how to address the issue with the public while minimizing any additional loss to the company and to integrate the ideas without violating HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act guidelines. The Press Conference and Release of Information to All Medias As communications coordinator for Woodruff National Drug Manufacturer, this press conference is to inform all of the public about a situation that has occurred with a local mayor and our manufactured drug Tellital.

In this press conference I am allowing all forms of media to be allowed. We have local news stations, the newspapers, and several reporters for magazines. I have designated an information technology specialist to create and monitor a Facebook page, we can be followed on Twitter, and the public can subscribe to our blog to be continually updated about the changes to the medication, and the progress of the well-known public figure that was affected by our medication.

Using these forms of communication will keep employees and the public up-to-date with information. Using these social media sites, I am making it easier for any other patient, which has been prescribed Tellital, and has suffered any side effects, minor or major, to feel free, and contact us to share with our complaints department any inquiries. A representative will respond back to you promptly. Mayor Doeman has been taking the prescribed drug Tellital, and recently has had side effects from it.

She has suffered partial facial paralysis, affecting the left side of her face. She is recovering as expected, slowly, but progressing. I will not lie or deny any of the accusations regarding Tellital. The known side effects have been listed on the packaging and the prescribing physicians are to inform the patient of all the side effects, which can and may occur upon using the medication. Mayor Doeman’s condition is a first case injury proven to be caused by the Tellital.

This is why it is important for me to share what information I have and to update any new information that will be given at any later date. It is my job to issue any and all information without breaking any HIPAA laws and regulations regarding the patient. That is all of the information, which I am allowed and required to tell you about Mayor Doeman’s situation without breaking any other HIPAA laws. Our company is very sincere and apologizes a great deal that this has happened to Mayor Doeman.

According to (Simkin & Yamamura, 2003), HIPAA requires our company to identify and protect personal health information; to establish policies and procedures to ensure that such information is disclosed only for authorized purposes. Our company has recently obtained written permission by Mayor Doeman and her attorney, granting us permission to share about her condition, the underlying cause, and her progress. I cannot go into further detail to describe any more of her condition, but I can share the portion regarding the medication Tellital.

Because Mayor Doeman is protected under the HIPAA law, I cannot go into further detail about her condition Conclusion In conclusion there are many advantages and disadvantages when using traditional, electronic, and social media for health care communication. This essay has demonstrated the advantages and disadvantages of the usage of all media. I am a communications coordinator for the Woodruff National Drug Manufacturer, distributing many popular medications, including Tellital.

This drug is known to have caused partial facial paralysis to the mayor of Somewhereville, West Virginia. This was the first case ever to be reported with this major side effect, and we want to prevent it from happening to any other patient. This is why we have created social media accounts and held the press conference to inform and update the public about the medication and the progress of the mayor affected. No HIPAA laws were breached because WNDM obtained the correct and proper paperwork needed to release information about Mayor Doeman’s condition.

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