Healthier eating

It has been found that there is healthier eating in rural areas in America than the urban areas, this is because supermarkets and groceries in rural areas have a wide of variety traditional and nontraditional foods, proximity to such stores therefore would lead to good nutrition, besides supermarkets, traditional fast food shops provide healthy foods. Having more of these outlets vis a vis those selling fatty foods in urban areas could reduce prevalence of obesity. Fast food attendants can also educate their consumers on the calorie contents of the foods they are taking besides supplementing these foods with healthier foods.

Healthy foods should also be made easily available, easier to prepare and should have a longer shelf life. Since obesity is acquired when one eats more energy and all of it is not broken down, eating less energy giving foods would be a solution to preventing obesity. Physical activity and good nutrition are the best remedies for preventing obesity, activities such as taking long walks considered vigorous and aerobic exercises help to increase muscle mass thereby burning down excess fats and calories, this in turn results to weight loss and prevention of obesity.

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These activities even if may not lead to loss of weight; they make one fit which results to energy balance. Since obesity is caused by lots of energy stored due to low metabolism rate, a national physical activity programmed would be helpful in making people disciplined, the media can also play a role in airing programmes that help children exercise, and this would be helpful in burning down calories (Bailey 80-81).

Self help groups can play a very important role in the prevention and even cure of obesity, these groups include: public health activists, women groups and even authorities like the United States government. The government for instance can decide to restrict advertisements on less healthy and fatty foods, reduce and or cut subsidies on farm products than are energy giving, scrutinize or revise agricultural policies and levy high taxes on such products to make them less affordable while in the same stride applying the same measures in promoting the consumption of healthier foods (Kumanyika et al..

163-164. 2007) These groups could introduce communal feeding programmes monitored by them weekly for instance, they could still provide counseling sessions on correction of eating disorders and do follow ups on abstinence from certain foods (Perri et all. 80, 83, 84). Public health activists on the other hand can get involved in campaigns, advertisements using media that’s easily accessible and introducing well co-ordinated walking programs with instructors to monitor the same.

In as much as prevention of obesity could be pegged to personal discipline, self help groups play a major role in helping prevent the epidemic, and this is majorly due to laxity that comes with an obese person abstaining from fatty foods and getting involved in vigorous activities single handedly (Latner & Wilson 180,183 &186). In conclusion, since obesity is caused by energy imbalance and excess calories not having been broken down due to low metabolism, overweight and inactive people are more vulnerable than their active counterparts.

Remedies therefore include physical activities that are vigorous but not strenuous: riding bicycles, walking briskly and hiking, good nutrition: abstaining from fatty, excess calorie and energy giving foods, getting professional help and also from self help groups on self discipline regarding the above. Works Cited Andersen, R. Obesity: etiology, assessment, treatment, and prevention. Human Kinetics, 3. 2003. Bailey, E. J. Food choice and obesity in Black America: creating a new cultural diet.

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