Human Genetics Pedigree

The trait I chose to follow in my family is “free ear lobes”. The following are the descriptions of the symbols used:

          –      dead male
–   dead female
–     male (alive)
–     female (alive)
–   me
FF – homozygous dominant. Phenotype- free ear lobe

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 ff – homozygous recessive. Phenotype- attached ear lobe

Ff – heterozygous dominant. Phenotype- free ear lobe

From the pedigree chart, the Mendelian principles are clear. That is the paired genes (allelic pairs) separate from one another and are distributed to different sex cells.


Gardner, Simmons and Snustad – Principles of genetics – Eighth edition…/3116_stoneage_chartans.gif…/1345/jason_pedigree.gif


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