Medical Assisting & the Ever Changing Medical Field

Thomas Edison once said “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ” The Medical field as a whole is rapidly growing and changing on a daily basis due to new laws and research being conducted. In my chosen profession, Medical Assistants are the key to the relationship between the doctors and the patients.

The basic job skills, educational requirements, and expectations are illustrated below combined with research from the previous units. This has allowed me to familiarize myself with the Medical Assistant occupation as well as the knowledge and further education requirements needed attain my goals within the medical industry. As a Medical Assistant I will be carrying out many job functions on a daily basis, however specific job duties will depend on the facility I choose to work in.

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Some of the common job duties of Medical Assistants are: recording patient’s medical history, clean and sterilize instruments and dispose of contaminated supplies, answer phones or schedule appointments, interview patients to obtain medical information to help the doctor’s or nurse’s to be able to treat and diagnose the patient’s symptoms, and prepare treatment rooms for new patients. All of these job duties allow the patients to feel at ease that they will be treated and know they will not be getting any new illness due to un-cleanliness.

It also allows the doctor’s and nurse’s time to see and treat other patients without having to complete all of the above on their own and worry about inaccurate information being collected. Without Medical Assistants the staff would experience an over load of work and tasks that just would not be able to be completed in one day. Staff would be unable to build a good rapport with the patients and the day would be very chaotic and unorganized. It is also important to understand and know your own personality and professional traits as these will allow you to function successfully as a Medical Assistant.

In the previous unit I was able to identify what is expected and in my research I was able to conclude what traits I already have and what I need to work on to ensure I am successful. The key abilities as a Medical Assistant according to My Next Move are: communication, listening, understanding, attention to detail, paying attention without being distracted, ability to tolerate stress, dependability, self-control, cope with change, organization, and the ability to empathize with others. Without these key traits the breakdown would be costly and the business’ reputation and my own reputation would be at risk.

Although, there are no specific educational requirements other than a high school diploma or equivalent according to the My Next Move website potential employers encourage that all Medical Assistants obtain an Associate’s Degree and become certified in order to obtain a position within the Medical Assisting field. However, before considering your options of where you are wanting to work you will want to check out the specific state requirements. Each state may have specific requirements before you are allowed to perform advanced tasks within the field.

Here at Kaplan University you are strongly encouraged after graduating to go onto taking the state board exams to become a CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) or RMA (Registered Medical Assistant). The medical field is a very fast paced and ever changing. There are so many current issues within the medical field whether it is specific to health care, quality care within facilities, or specific to finding cures for the many different diseases. I chose to focus on two major issues within the health care field: prostate cancer and affordable care act.

Prostate cancer is dear to me as I lost my grandfather to prostate cancer 15 years ago. However, we have come very far since then to help prevent and treat prostate cancer. In my research at The White House website I was able to read the proclamation from President Barrack Obama. The cause of prostate cancer is still unknown however in reading the article President Obama is able to ensure patients are covered when it’s needed most. He also stated his promise of research that will bring us closer to finding the cure, treatments, and preventative techniques to allow us to catch it faster to allow patients a longer life expectancy.

According to the National Cancer Institute website, the new cases in 2013 are 238, 590 and deaths are 29, 720. This website provides articles on treatments, clinical trials, prevention, screenings and testing. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians website, in 1997 prostate cancer was the second leading cause of death next to lung cancer. There were approximately 209, 900 new cases diagnosed and 41, 800 deaths. So with the continuing research and study of prostate cancer from 1997 to now we were able to cut down the deaths caused by prostate cancer by 12, 080.

It doesn’t seem like a lot in 5 years but that is 12, 080 lives saved by conducting on going tests and research to aid us in finding the cure and causes of this horrible form of cancer. While performing my research on prostate cancer on The White House website within the article there was a link to the Affordable Care Act. On March 23, 2010 President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act. With this in place it will allow affordable medical coverage for all Americans and protect us from abusive practices. It also allows Americans to make their own coverage choices that are specific to their health needs and it guarantees access to quality care.

The reason for this act is to not only allow Americans a choice in their health care plans but also brings down costs and ensure quality care is met and strengthening the Medicare program. These two topics are just two of the many changes in the medical profession. The medical profession changes daily as new research is conducted to find cures, treatments or preventative techniques all to ensure a better quality of life and longer life expectancy. This is why it is important to stay current to the issues and staying on top of specific certifications and education to ensure your role in the medical field is successful.

With so many careers to choose from in the medical filed my goal is to obtain my Medical Assisting degree and become a certified Medical Assistant and going further to become a Physician’s Assistant. My passion within the medical field however lies within my continuing education to attain my career goals. In 5 years I see myself working in a care facility while obtaining my degree in Radiology Technology to become a Radiation Therapist. The medical field has a lot to offer and much education involved prior to entry into any career within the medical profession.

I have a passion for the medical profession and helping people. I am excited to focus on my studies and ensure my degree goals are met. In conclusion to ensure I am able to be successful as a Medical Assistant focusing on moving to specific job roles within the medical profession I will need to further my education, stay on top of the ever changing issues that will affect my job, and ensure I am up to date with all of the achievements or certifications that are necessary to achieve the goals that I have set for myself.

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