Methadone treatment

Methadone treatment that has been around for over thirty years is a course of medication provided to treat people who are dependent on opiates, and is commonly undertaken in a clinic or doctor’s office thus the patient is not necessarily required to stay in hospital. The treatment involves the use of a synthetic form of opiate drugs which is taken orally over a long period of time and is aimed at eliminating drug dependency by reducing associated drug cravings.

I believe such programs are a necessary and viable means of helping heroin addicts to function normally within society and thereby make that society safer for others Opiate dependency costs much in monetary, physical and psychological terms and is not restricted to the users themselves; parents, friends and the society at large are all affected in some way. In order to pay for their habit, most drug users are compelled to rob and steal, whether it be from friends, family or the public matters not so long as their cravings are curbed.

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The users themselves physically deteriorate and become psychologically handicapped, which has obvious negative consequences for friends and family, who also in many cases experience psychological problems themselves; society generally suffers from high drug-related crimes and the spread of sexual diseases caused by drug-related sexual behavior. There is a plethora of reasons and causes for people becoming dependent on drugs but many would prefer to discard the shroud of drug abuse that mantels their life and strive to break free of their incarceration.

Most however, are not able to do so by themselves or even with the help of friends and family; even after undertaking other rehabilitation programs, once back living in society it is difficult to keep clean and not fall back into old habits; this is where the methadone treatment becomes a necessary alternative and in most cases the solution for all concerned in the most trouble-free way and by the most noninvasive means.

Methadone treatment is not an alternative to heroin; it does not give the user a high but rather helps them to function normally within society; many are able to return to the workforce and hold down jobs; there are no adverse effects of methadone and it can be used safely by pregnant women, which in turn minimizes the effects of a baby’s withdrawal too; it is said to be cost effective and helps reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS by eliminating the usage of needles and drug related sexual behavior, and the occurrence of drug related crime is lowered.

Once on the treatment and steady, patients are better able to join in both individual and group counseling with family, or undertake other helpful services provided by the government to ensure they maximize their potential to assimilate back into society. Methadone treatment therefore is a positive program made available to heroin addicts; it not only provides users with means of discarding the shackles of drug abuse and bringing some sort of normality back into their lives, it also provides positive outcomes for friends and family members, together with society in general.

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