Methods to Combat a Drug Problem

The problem of illegal drugs being used and sold in local communities and towns will most likely never be resolved, but new methods for combating such parasitic behaviors can be developed and implemented. Law enforcement and communities can come together and devise plans of action for defeating specific drug problems within certain areas of the community. Police officers are not psychic. In order to have a positive result, the entire community must be willing to make sacrifices and work together to achieve and maintain the desired level of safety and security.

Officers and citizens can begin by getting in touch with local Prosecutors to discuss the probability of ceasing the use of plea bargains in drug related cases. While this may overcrowd the local jails, it would ultimately send a message to perspective offenders that the law will be upheld and not bent (Clear, Cole, & Reisig, 2009). Secondly, legislation should be encouraged and enacted that requires anyone seeking to obtain a driving permit to undergo a drug screen.

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This provision should be a mandated requirement for all possessing a driving permit with random drug screenings. Third, all non-inhabited and condemned property should be demolished. These properties only serve to attract more drug abuse and sales. Curfews for juveniles should be enforced rigidly. Officers and citizens should push for open forum town meetings as a means for all to voice their concerns and fears with regard to the drug problems within the community (World Health Organization, 2001).

Finally, law enforcement officials could corroborate with local pharmacies in a coordinated effort to create a universal computer system to monitor the distribution of controlled narcotic substances. This would deter the doctor shopping that some addicts are known to do. References Clear, T. , Cole, G. , & Reisig, M. (2009). American corrections (8th ed. ). Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning. World Health Organization. (2001). How to develop and implement a national drug policy (2nd ed. ). Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization.

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