Milk, a Touch of Invincibility

Nothing on this earth can make you feel as strong and healthy as a daily dose of good, rich milk. Such is the message that is delivered in the first few moments of glancing at this ad image. On a 3-second glance at this photo, three distinct images come into play, namely Superman, the imagery, and the bold wording that says “Got Milk? ” It is these three main components that immediately send strongly its message using various characteristics to influence and convey the thought that great strength can be equated to drinking milk. The message of this ad begins primarily with its use of the persona of Superman. Who is superman?

He is a fictional figure that represents a man of steel, one who is invincible, invulnerable and strong. He is a man who stands infallible to disease, unstoppable amidst all obstacles, easily tagged as the strongest man on earth. By using him as the advertising “model”, the ad places an immediate correlation between him and the intake of milk. It brings one to conclude that if superman is so strong, and superman drinks milk, then it must be the milk that makes him strong. The association of his persona to the drinking of milk makes milk appear to be his elixir of strength which each person may drink to be as invulnerable as him.

Milk is now portrayed as an element that is associated with superman’s strength. Using him was also instrumental, as he is a man, not a robot or beast or imaginary image, but a human being that we can all relate to when we see this picture. It is easier for each viewer to relate to the picture as being strong like superman as the picture displays a human being. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be as strong as superman? A second element that strengthens this ad is the avid detail that was used. First is the fact that milk was placed on his lip.

This shows that he in fact drinks the milk, further supplementing the association between being strong like superman to drinking milk. Next we see him in a very bold, upright standing position, with his cape soaring high in the sky. He looks upon you with pride in the man he has become and where he stands. This posture shows an image of strength and power, two things that many desire, that some countries even go to war for. It says: “Want to be as great as I am, then go drink milk and you will be. ” Details are the next beautiful element of this ad.

See how the use of blue and red fall throughout the picture. They don’t scream out and blind you, but are strong enough to catch your eye, strong enough to make anyone recognize in one instant the adamant figure of superman. This I believe is an factor that defines a good ad, as a good ad is one that can catch a viewer’s eye and portray an initial message in one second, convincing the viewer to look a bit further. Everyday, the media flashes dozens of advertisements to viewers. What makes a good ad is the one that can stand out and make people want to look a bit more, investigate a bit further.

The very recognizable figure in his blue and red can do exactly that. Once the image has gripped a viewer’s attention, we get to the final phase of the ad: the wording. First word of the statement is the word: SUPER. This is a word that means “greater than great” and “above all things”. There is no greater way for even further strengthening the message that “being like superman”, being and feeling super, is as simple as doing what the great superman does: drinking milk. Then it is followed a brief description of how milk makes you feel and the science behind it.

It states how calcium supports the bones and helps you become strong. This is important. At this point, the ad has already gripped the mind of the viewer to give it more than just a few seconds so that he may actually read what it says. Now it has done so, it caters to what all need to support a decision, and that is logic. It answers the question “How? ”. The association is already clear that if you want to feel like superman, meaning to stand tall and proud, to feel invincible and infallible, to rise above all things as if in the sky, you must drink milk. However, each individual needs more than just that.

He needs to know how it can in fact make you strong like superman so that he can actually persevere in his resolve to go out and buy some milk. This is the importance of the statement. It brings to every viewer the fact behind the photo, that it’s not just a blind claim, but that there is actually a scientific reason to base its claim. Furthermore, it does so in just a few words, so that each person can read it without any difficult and in a short glance. Finally, the experience ends in a last element which is the challenge, exemplified by the words: “Got Milk?

” This statement challenges each individual in a way as if saying: “Do you have what it takes to be as strong as this? ” This is what will pushes each person to fulfill the motivation of this ad, which to go and buy some milk. On reading the final challenge, one’s mind naturally answers the question with a yes or a no. Given that the experience was one that caught a viewer’s attention and catered to his desire to be strong and healthy, the only two responses can be: “Yes, I have some, good thing. ” or “No, I don’t, and I better go get some right away!

” Both ways, the ad was successful in its motivation and has convinced each viewer that milk is a necessary need for strength and health. Overall, I believe this ad was well done as it catered to every aspect that each viewer needs to not only receive, but to believe its message as well. From the initial instant of catching one’s attention with the recognizable persona of strength, to the refreshing imagery of being in the sky, to the colors of red and blue, it portrayed enough to stand out as being worth more notice.

Then, through its supporting details conveying invincibility and power to one’s senses, up to its statements conveying the same message to reasonable logic, it further augments one’s belief and understanding of its cause. Finally, the experience ending in a challenge to lead one to question whether he actually has or doesn’t have such elixir for strength, is the final motivation to push every viewer to go out and procure it. It calls out to evryone: “Want to be strong and healthy? It’s all about drinking milk. ” Speaking of which, maybe I should go and get some myself.

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