Nursing Admission

I always like to be introduced on my personal traits and my positive behavior qualities rather than my country or my religion, as I truly believe that, it is not what defines me. Although, I do agree my culture has a lot to contribute to what I am now. Hence, for general information, I was born in Bahrain. It is an Arab country with a large Muslim population with both Shia and Sunni communities. Arabic is the official language. I was given my basic education in both Arabic and English languages and mode of instruction in my school was in English. In spite of many developments, Bahrain retains its Arab culture and identity.

After finishing my school, I had a tough time searching for university seats. The university admission in my country is very difficult as the number of seats is very limited. With no choice left in hand, I planned to shift to the U. S and did so in 2002. At first, it was difficult for me to adjust to the culture and surroundings here. I must admit even the laws are so very different as compared to back home. But it did not take more than two months for me to get adjusted here as I strongly believe that American culture is very welcoming for visitors like me and people are warm here, ready to help in any situation.

I can speak this out of my experience here. I spent almost a year trying to excel in my English and joined a full time job to sustain myself. In due course, my grandmother joined me here. She was unwell and I had to take her to hospital regularly. This was the time when I got introduced to nursing. It was amazing to see the services rendered and skills required to take care of patients. The next thing I knew, I was enrolled for my B. S. N. Although I had language barriers and financial limitations, I was able to finish all the nursing requirements and get admitted to a nursing program with a 3. 9 GPA.

Few years later, I graduated with a B. S. N degree in nursing. Education and Experience Well, all my ideas and misconceptions were floored the moment I joined my nursing course. I must admit, although my myths were cleared, and I developed a sort of respect and felt proud to be called a nurse. In my first year, it was difficult for me to cope up with the pace of the course with all the basics in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, and microbiology, but I loved the practical. The practical classes in anatomy really interested me as I could relate to what I was learning in theory.

In the second year, with the duty-rotation, life was hectic. I loved each moment of patient care. During the course, we were asked to complete a specific number of case studies and care plans, which brought me close to patient care and attending to the needs of the patients. Every specialization in medical-surgical nursing was special as it gave an insight into nursing diagnosis and interventions for individual cases. In theory, I was hooked to psychology and sociology. It gave me immense pleasure to understand the human behavior and also it helped in taking care of my patients.

The later years were spent studying pediatric nursing, community health nursing, mental health nursing and obstetrics and gynecology. I specifically liked mental health nursing. The treatment modalities in mental health nursing still mesmerize me, and obstetrics and gynecology is still one of my favorite ward postings. In addition to basic nursing care course work, I enjoyed learning nursing trends and issues, nursing leadership and administration. The amount of exposure one gets from all the subjects is varied and all the theoretical knowledge helps in patient care in a better and scientific method.

It was just not the theoretical knowledge which enhanced my skills, but also the hands on experience in the clinical set up with the patients, helped me improve my skills. I worked in Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, Medical /Surgical, Surgery room, Postpartum, and Mental Health Clinic. At this juncture, I do agree nursing is just not a job; it is a combination of knowledge, skill, and art. Yes, it is an art to apply your knowledge and make it a skill and it is an art to talk and have a professional nurse-patient relationship.

I can proudly say that I have been able to achieve that fine line of professionalism yet maintain empathy towards my patients. In order to enhance my knowledge and exposure, I volunteered for a two week program last summer with a group called I. S. L (International Service Learning http://www. islonline. org). We went to Costa Rica and Nicaragua and helped the poor in rural and remote areas with medical aid and met their health needs. I have also occasionally engaged myself in community events to educate people about disease prevention, immunization, and health education programs.

Besides nursing, I have been working in the Sweet Tomato’s restaurant chains for the past 5 years as a manager in 5 different stores and work with over 40 people (Training them, payrolls, customer service, inventory, overall management of the restaurants, etc), which involves more of management and administrative skills. I have a fair idea of customer service too as I have been working as a insurance agent for Farmers Insurance companies dealing with people’s property and casualty insurance needs. It is the combination of my interest and exposure that lead me to the decision of pursuing my next level of education as clinical nurse specialist.

I do understand the competencies required for my higher level of education like direct clinical practice, expert coaching, collaboration with multidisciplinary team members, consultations on nursing approaches and implementation of plan, research activities, and ethical decision-making. With the skills acquired during my nursing experience and my other jobs, I think this course is apt for me. Apart from the educational requirement and experience, I believe that it is inborn in me to be associated with service-oriented jobs.

I love the feeling of self-satisfaction at the end of the day, for being able to be part of community service. I am looking forward to being a part this vast pool of knowledge for my personal knowledge enhancement and skill development. The sharing of ideas and new findings has always been a vital part of my schooling and B. S. N program. Presentations were a perfect opportunity to explore the syllabus and were instrumental in giving an edge over my peers. I indulge and relish the creative side, diving into deeper understanding of my work, and applying the knowledge acquired in nursing care.

Although my interest in nursing was triggered when my grandmother was on and off the healthcare facilities, I have learnt that interpersonal relationship plays an important role in nursing carrier during the course tenure. My experience as a manager has taught me the skills to handle difficult situations and come out with right decisions. Conclusion Yes, I do understand that there are areas of skills that need to be developed to be able to get to the next level of education in nursing, but I intend not to stop.

I have chosen to do a specialization as clinical nurse specialists to achieve my goals. I understand that to become a leader requires additional sacrifices on my behalf. It also requires me to be a creative thinker. Though the aptitude (few skills) required for becoming a successful leader is lacking in me at present, I know I will overcome this shortfall as I am a dedicated hardcore learner. One important lesson I understand is, to be an effective care giver one must be willing to apply one’s own personality and style to everything you have learnt.

Effective care giving in nursing is not about following mere instructions; it is making the rules and regulations as part of your personality. This is one of the major reasons that I would like to pursue this course, as I understand that the course is just not a professional milestone, but also will be a corner stone to change my personality for the better. References: 1. Undefined. (n. d. ). uncritiqued essay 2 – Life sciences. In Statement of Purpose. com. Retrieved March 27, 2010, from http://www. statementofpurpose. com/essayuncq_lifesci. html.

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