Nursing Management

You are a nurse manager of a 95-bed medical-surgical unit in your hospital, and would like to have your health care organization, ABC Memorial Health Center, embrace the concept of a high-performance organization. You would like administration to develop a culture of a high-performing organization.

You know that high-performance organizations have leaders who communicate a strong and clear mission and vision to employees, engage in strategic thinking that anticipates customer needs and market changes, commit to ongoing identification of problems, have a preoccupation for potential failures, are resilient and flexible, and use creative and improvisational problem solving to address failures or near-misses. You approach the director of nursing and provide multiple resources and contacts about the high-performance organization concept.

The director asks you several questions about how you could coordinate hospital-wide efforts to describe this concept and support a customer-focused, team-based organization to support quality efforts. Regardless of your score on the CQI assessment, pretend ABC Memorial Health Center, has a good quality improvement process, but has historically emphasized individual successes and unit-based projects and tends to be punitive when managing clinical incidents. Case Study Questions: Write your responses to the questions in the following tables.

The boxes will expand as you type. In general, each response should include a minimum of two to three well-developed paragraphs. Provide examples to justify your answers and support your answers with information from the readings and other sources. NOTE: Your responses should be written in a scholarly format. Include at least one credible, refereed source for the assignment. What steps will you need to take to facilitate the transition from an independent, unit-based, punitive critical incident system to a more open, team-focused, critical incident learning culture?

Who are the critical stakeholders for implementing change in the quality improvement process? In the quality improvement process, the critical stakeholders will include the financial backers, management and other interested parties in an organization. Is it important to build a climate of a high-performance organization? If so, why? It is important to build a climate of a high performance organization to yield positive sustainable results in the future. In what way should the clinical staff and employees be involved in conceptualizing, building, and implementing the CQI plan?

Clinical staff and employees should be involved in conceptualizing, building and implementing the CQI plan by: • Knowing what has to be done that is, the outcome of clear goals • Developing effective plans to carry it out • Have the relevant access to the resources to implement the CQ1 plan • Be alert to any feedback and clues that show them the effectiveness of their efforts and be able to make the necessary adjustments (Holbeche, 2005) • Maintain enthusiasm and energy despite any difficulties that they might experience.

What is the role of the customer in developing a high-performance organization? The role of the customer in developing a high performance organization is by helping the organization create value for their products. This means cost, quality, speed and innovation in an organization. Moreover, customers do not have to tolerate any kind of shortfalls in the performance of an organization as they can readily turn to other alternative sources that offer cheaper, better, faster, more innovative services and products (Huber & Nagelkerk, 2005).

Thus, in a way customers help organizations develop their high performance initiatives. REFERENCES Hesselbein, F & Johnston, R. (2002). On high performance organizations: a leader to leader guide. San Fransisco, CA Holbeche, L. (2005). The high performance organization: creating dynamic stability and sustainable success. Woburn, MA Huber, D & Nagelkerk, J. (2005). Leadership and nursing care management. New York, NY: W B Saunders Co

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