Nursing Organization

The American Nurses Foundation purpose is just the full examine professional organization that representing the population’s complete registered nurse population. The American Nurses Foundation is the strongest voice of nursing population.

The American Nurses Foundation is committed to meeting the needs of nurses as well as health care consumers, it dedicated to ensuring that a sufficient supply of highly skilled and very well-educated nurses are presented, The American Nurses Foundation continuously improving by developing high standards practices of nurses, it promoting the general welfare and economic of nurses projecting a real view of nursing and positive.

Answer 2: The American Nurses Foundation organizational affiliates and its labor force encouragement affiliate, the American center of Nurses; The American Nurses Foundation is the only professional organization service representing the curiosity of the population registered nurses 3. 1million through its constituent nurse members of associations. Mission Statement “Nurses advancing our profession to improve health for all” Answer 3:

There are three types of membership DIRECT membership, FULL membership and INDIVIDUAL membership. Full Membership The goal of this membership includes membership in The American Nurses Foundation and nurses association of your state. The people interested in this will receive full benefits from both, including ANCC certification discounts. More essentially full membership manipulates the decisions made at the state level and national level that concern the nursing practice and the health of our parental nursing.

Answer 4 The CNPE (Congress on Nursing Practice and Economics) is an organized by deliberative body which brings together the prospective of The American Nurses Foundation’s member and the diverse experiences, it focused on establishment of nursing’s approach to emerging tendency with in socioeconomic , practice spheres of the health care industry and political identifying issues.

The ambition of The American Nurses Foundation is to extend and disseminate the foundation stone work of The American Nurses Foundation, such as guidelines, standards, principles, Nursing’s Social Policy Statement to the public and the profession, Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements. Standards are trustworthy statements by which the nursing professions illustrate the household tasks for which its practitioners are responsible.

Answer 5 This website is very useful for The American Nurses Foundation market place, nursing standards, nursing practice, professional nursing practices, work force, nursing ethics, occupation and environment, government affairs such as federal and state government as well. For searching and navigation point of view it is quite helpful for The American Nurses Foundation. Answer 6

For information point of view it is very useful and greatly explained by the designer for The American Nurses Foundation website, for visiting and inquiry of nursing professional information that will be enormously full of information, more importantly for the factor of nursing professional’s patient safety and nursing quality. Nursing videos are also available on the homepage which are realistic and demonstrate positive view of nursing. References American Nurses Association website, (2010), retrieved dated June 2, 2010, from [http://www. nursingworld. org/]

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