Nutrition & Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Some aspect of my nutritional behavior match up to the recommendations listed on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005. I usually eat a lot of hamburgers, pizza and other high calorie food, which goes against the recommendation of the website. While it expressly recommends eating more fiber-rich vegetables, I do not like vegetables a lot. Besides, I do not have the patience and the tenacity to measure the number of calories I eat. I need to make improvements in a lot of the listed areas. I need to cut back on eating high calorie food.

This will help me manage my weight better and keep within the weight recommended for my age, my height and my body type. I also need to incorporate a number of foods into my diet, particularly those that are rich in fiber. I may also need to cutback on my intake of fats. Sometimes, because I tend to be in a hurry at most times, I just go to fast foods and eat lots of whatever I could find there. In terms of areas I am doing well, I would say that I am doing well in keeping low alcoholic consumption.

I do not like the taste of alcoholic beverages that much. Although I engage in social drinking every now and then, I often keep myself away from binge drinking. I may need to be more careful in measuring the calories I eat. This means, I have to read food labels more carefully from now on. I know that it feels difficult at first, but as soon as it becomes a habit of mine, I can certainly make changes in more than one aspect of my nutrition. While I would like to say “no to fastfoods” now, that will probably take a while to implement.

Exercise I admit that I am not a very active person. Although I try to go to the gym regularly, I just cannot make it a part of my weekly routine. It is more of an afterthought whenever I feel that I am growing heavier. It is definitely not adequate and needs changing. My ideal exercise plan involves some mobility and fun things to do. I do not like to do mostly repetitive things. Perhaps swimming or dancing would be best suited for me. If I could make changes in my schedule, I would like to do that at least three times a week.

If I cannot do swimming or dancing, perhaps yoga is another alternative, but I will need to develop flexibility and lose a little weight to manage that. I would need to become disciplined if I wanted to implement this change. My busy work schedule may also stand in my way. The occasional laziness may also compromise my desire to exercise. To deal with that, I can get an exercise buddy who can hold me accountable and encourage me to continue exercising. Enrolling at a local gym may also be an option.

I am giving myself a week to prepare mentally and physically for the changes I will implement with my nutrition and exercise. It is difficult to implement a lot of new things at the same time. This is why, I will need to take one at a time and make sure that I am learning the lessons I need to learn for each day that I am following my plan. I will begin by getting myself motivated for change and establish rewards for myself for the little victories I will win! It will be a difficult challenge but I will start a week from now.

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