Obama Letter on Medical Malpractice

The letter of Barack Obama, who is in the government service as a senator of the land at that time, is a response to the prior letter of Meredith sent to him. The letter fundamentally tells about the issue of medical liability reform. Through this response letter, Senator Barack Obama has expressed his own piece of disappointment and opposition to the growing problem of the United States on the subject of medical malpractice liability. More specifically, Obama has acknowledged the fact that the root of the said healthcare issue is the ever-growing cost of medical liability passed on by the doctors to their patients.

Thus, Senator Barack Obama has further condemned the negative notion that it is seen to be getting more and more expensive for the medical practitioners and/or the doctors to render the needed healthcare of the Americans and that this growing liability cost is forcing some of the these medical practitioners to decide in abandoning their medical practice and shift to another set of career, which he then criticize that it is neither fair for the doctors nor to the people.

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Through his words, such enormous malpractice insurance premiums are the primary factors which directly affect the cost of medical care for the people, which is not only a problem in his own state but is rather a nationwide concern that is in need of appropriate attention to be able to protect the healthcare system of the United States, which he defined as a national treasure. In his letter, Senator Obama states that the congress should take the initiative in determining and tackling the causes of medical liability problem as seen to be the needed initial steps to resolve such critical healthcare issue.

He further tackles the fact that there are more and more insurance companies who are taking advantage in covering unrelated losses to malpractice insurance by means of raising the liability cost of doctors. However, he has been very well stiff in rendering his details and ways as to how the government should deal with this healthcare issue. Through his words, Obama said that the better way of resolving this problem is to serve all the major stakeholders in the issue.

In other words, he personally advocates the lowering of the cost of the medical liability insurance of the doctors but at the same time protect the welfare of the people and/or the patients against any harmful medical negligence. Thus, such notion is seen to be the main reasons as to why he opposes the current medical malpractice reform proposal that seems to be more of a superficial solution rather than being a permanent answer to the problem On the other hand, Senator Obama proudly writes his piece of resolution on the issue.

Together with Senator Hillary Clinton, they have introduced the National Medical Error Disclosure and Compensation (MEDIC) act that proposes a verified in resolving the issue of malpractice. As known to be proven effective by many of the local hospitals in the country, Obama is in high hopes that such piece of legislation would be considered for review in the senate. In good spirit, Senator Obama has ended his letter that this is the time to put a stop and provide the answer with regard to the issue of medical liability reform through a concerted effort from all the major stakeholders.

In a sense, the issue about the medical liability reform is a major problem in the United States, which needs to be addressed properly to be able to ensure the sturdy growth of the healthcare system in the country. Thus, Senator Barack Obama is in reasonable grounds in rendering his idea of starting from the roots and/or the source of problem in resolving such issue of medical liability. Furthermore, the U. S. government must act now in resolving this issue as this directly affects the process of rendering the people with appropriate healthcare services needed.

Likewise, this issue should be resolved in a positive manner wherein the welfare of the patients and interest of the doctors should be preserved and that the opportunistic aims of major insurance companies ended. In the end, the federal government must act now and start to consider valuable proposals that would best suit the resolution of the issue with regard to medical liability reform. Bibliography Swartz, Thomas R. , Stephen Satris, Frank J Bonello and Isobel Lobo, Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Economic Issues. Boston: McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2007.

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