Obesity in the United States and its prevention

Obesity and overweight are two terms used interchangeably to refer to a condition where one has more calories than is generally considered healthy. An obese person has a bigger body mass than his height relatively. Women are more vulnerable than men since men have high muscle mass than women that burn more calories so even at the same level of intake of calories; women are more likely to gain weight. In the United States, more than half the population is obese and in children, every one out of five is obese so this explains why in America obesity is an epidemic.

In the United States, this is caused by abundance of food and the convenience of their lifestyles, in other words, physical fitness is not given a priority (Bray & Bouchard 99). There are a lot of contributory factors to this condition such as: sex, environment and genetics. The environment one lives or works for instance dictates if he can be overweight or not, this depends on whether the environment encourages physical activity or not. The lifestyle that one decides to live could also make him gain weight, for example, watching a lot of television and doing less walking for exercise.

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Ones genetic composition could be a reason of him being obese, a person born in a family of overweight people is most likely to be overweight but this has to be coupled with factors such as the environment and behavior. Men are less likely to get obese than women at the same level of fat intake since their muscles burn up calories faster than women even at rest (Crawford & Jeffery 21-27). One is at risk of getting conditions such as: high blood pressure, respiratory problems, coronary Heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease and stroke when obese.

Obesity and overweight also are responsible for gynecological problems because they lead to abnormal menstrual cycle and infertility, this in turn affects the fertility rate in the United States. Good nutrition and physical activity ere important factors in the prevention of obesity. Apart from the health risks, obesity also brings forth economic consequences especially considering that more than half the population is obese and obesity also has related illnesses, this has an economic impact on the United States healthcare system owing to the costs involved (Andersen 3).

Obesity and overweight can basically be prevented by good nutrition, physical activity and getting More self help groups. Due to the increased consumption of food especially in fast food restaurants, there is found to be a direct connection between fast food eating and increase in weight in the United States. It is therefore commendable for there to be more groceries selling fruits and vegetables since these are healthier than foods sold in fast food restaurants, fruits and vegetables have no fats and therefore can’t put one at a risk of weight gain.

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