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Social physique anxiety (SPA) is the anxiety that people feel when their physique or body is evaluated by others. Research has explored the relationships among SPA, type of sport participation, and body size in female athletes. It was thought that elite women athletes would have lower levels of SPA than non elite athletes and that lightweight female athlete would have lower levels of SPA than the heavyweight female athletes.

Researches examined the female athlete and then discuss ways in which the cultural pressures on these athletes are a direct reflection of educational curriculum. These researchers found that female’s athletes who are not encouraged in participating in activities can lead to osteoporosis and increase mental health issues in their future. Americans are estimated to be overweight in general and this will eventually lead to heart disease.

This is the reason there is a social pressure on educational organizations to start programs early on when it comes to physical activity for females these studies concluded that girls were not as interested in sports and this has been a continued struggle for educators. There has been concern expressed in that participation in sports may encourage the onset of disordered eating which, in turn, may lead to a clinical eating disorder.

These studies examined social pressure, self-esteem, body image, and competition anxiety as risk factors for disordered eating in female university level athletes from selected sports. In addition, the relationships of body fat percentage and body mass index to indicators of disordered eating were studied. (Berry, 2000) According to these studies, these issues have created problems not only in the differences being physically active on a regular basis, but also to extreme activity.

Some athletes will exactly work-out too much and develop physical issues as well as not enough exercise. These are all parts that can be shaped in childhood and which become firm in for the same reasons as they grow. Activities which society has approved of traditionally can be nurtured during childhood and then reaffirmed during teenage and young adulthood. Thus it should not be surprising if females who participate in something that seems aggressive and competitive that society associates with being masculine and inappropriate for a lady.

However this study found that the personal safety can prevent females from exercising alone to expose herself to physical dangers that threat by exercising all alone avoiding all the worry about violence means avoiding the physical physically active. A study of grade-school children found that study described social isolation of girls identified in school as tomboy’s starts in young childhood is just as important to in accomplishing certain moves may find it very hard to reform pressure.

Therefore changes in the physical education curriculum may be a who are willing to participate in physical predict that as these people mature into they do not exercise properly. There is also society’s response to physically active in adolescence that may not be good for the women themselves and are considered suitable for men. In a perfect world society would reward females for the achievements in sports and physical education curriculum would be designed for the purpose of healthy physical development.

The study of behavior at an elementary school physical education class between a male and female participation in sports concluded that regular physical active was directed towards the males. Meanwhile it is obvious that there is of sports lies in competing and winning Why connected the physical activity of adolescent an impact not only on unhealthy eating habits but also efforts to take the form of and women is body image or the appearance of an internalized by girls with anorexia who fear growing up to be not value age fatness.

This fear fat It also seems to play a role in the girls’ physical activity which can lead to obesity Ironically both disorders have explain why some girls choose twenty something females who have grown up with more freedom opportunity overweight women and girls who need healthy physical activity is health And girls especially adolescent and emotions are changing fall into tendency is combined with the emphasis that the problem of physical inactivity is adolescent girls and they are less likely to exercise physical activity that goes against pressure plus low amounts of exercise in Hispanic children has to do with practical has ever heard the words She was asking not at the physical threat but at the one for not making a good social and when and to fit into roles for the sexes that takes place for girls and competitive games like football, baseball, basketball big strong powerful because if they are very young age than the girls’ own sense of well-being because the government report others those who do not they do so.

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