Physical exercise

The most fundamental treatment of obesity is through engaging in physical exercise, failure to which might call for other options like using anti-obesity drugs which work by reducing the appetite of the subject to inhibit fat absorption. Apart from dieting which has been endorsed by many doctors and nutritionists, the most effective way to tackle obese is through bariatric surgery; the problem with this is the risks involved in it coupled with its costs.

Surgery is a complex step and is only recommended if the condition is so serious; it helps by minimizing the rate of absorption of nutrients from foods. But the most viable treatment and widely recommended step is the change of primary lifestyles. It is preferred to medications like the use of FDA is not encouraged at all. To amicably address problems brought about by obesity on school going children, factors that lead to the increase of these unhealthy cases have to be addressed.

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Levy reported that “factors which have combined to heighten cases of obesity in the 21st Century to be lack of enough sleep, reduced variability to ambient temperature, increased pollutants level in the environment which are derailing lipid metabolism” (Levy, 1999, p. 92). He adds that increased rate of medication has also been reported to lead to unprecedented weight gain as well as pregnancy at a later age which leads to obesity in the children. Water has been identified as having a greater benefit to eliminating excess fat from the body.

Water fountains therefore need to be stationed in various points in the schools and students educated on its importance of water consumption. Junior students should be issued with water bottles to help in the drive. “Water reduces the levels of calories that students consume from junk and fruits” (Schwimmer et al. , 2003, p. 817,). Students should shun the sedentary lifestyle that they are used to of choosing less physical activities with most schools embracing mechanization.

Together with the above steps, mechanization needs to be reduced both in both at home and in schools to encourage physical involvement in most relatively light activities. Critics argue that schools are not supposed to concentrate on eating habits but on education but the government commitment in reducing the worrying figurers hears none of these and instead it concentrates most of its policies in coming up with ways to amicably address the issue. This has led to the development of cross-government schemes like having sound programs in schools feeding system, physical education and sports linked programs (Campos, 2004, pp.

41-62). On a more specific note as far as schools are concerned, the following successive steps needs to be taken to tackle the fat issue. It is a process that is recommended for all teachers, parents, school administrations and students of all ages. Since obesity is an all round problem affecting literally students in all levels and grades, the plan has to be run by students drawn from all classes; affected and healthy who have the personal drive to be helpful to the society.

It is through integrating the interest of all ages in the program that the initiative will grow to be appealing to everyone in the society. The idea is mobilizing individuals drawn from all ages to carry forward the warning message and public awareness on obesity. The program will have as many members as possible to help achieve the initiative. It is not limited to any specific number of membership’s criteria, provided it is a person who can convey well our message; everyone is welcome to join as long as they share the same feelings and zeal with the group.

The sole founding principle is drawing of a strategy that appeals to the higher authorities; for instance the district Superintendent who will in turn use some of his staff to form a health council to direct school administrations in the implementation of excess fat reduction programs. Since the program has membership even outside the school boundaries, it will solicit for professional guidance to assess the viability of the strategies that different schools have put in force, make necessary changes and help he schools in their future plans.

The umbrella organization will try to find some of the most valuable steps being carried out in other organizations and organize forums where individuals will get the chance to share their experiences, successes and tactics in dealing with the vise…with this initiative; it would be very hard to lose the fight against this unhealthy condition. The program will outline responsibilities to be shouldered by the teachers, parents and the students themselves; just as the ones mentioned above for the district officials.

The following will be the breakdown of the responsibilities per title of specific individuals, every member of the group will have a role to play for the success of the program. The Role of Teachers Students spend most of their time in schools; about eight days a day for five days in a week. This call for a heavy responsibility on the side of the teachers and any attempt to make their participation mild will cost the program a big loss. Research findings presented in () hold it that “physical activity and taking healthy breakfast and other foods less in calorie during the day improves academic achievement”.

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