Prison health care

The structuring of the prison health care may also be poor and below standard. This is because even maintaining the prisoners’ record has been actually hard as reported by Sanchez (2005). Moreover, it has been noted with a lot of concern that when prisoners are transferred from one prison to another, it becomes exceedingly hard for them to continue with some medical programs because of lack of proper structures. Most probably most of the prison health care facilities are forgotten and that is the sole reason that makes them to be below standard.

It is quite challenging to provide health care services to a community of prisoners especially when there is a possibility of the majority being people who do not care much about what happens around them. Some prisoners who are very dangerous end up being taken to hospitals by three or more guards which complicate the situation even further. Most of the prisoners are aged and that complicates the mater more because old people require sensitive care than younger people and are also more susceptible to diseases due to low immunity (Chen 2009).

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Moreover, even though not everyone who ends up in prison is a criminal, most of they actually are. Some problems that are more prevalent in prison settings like violence and substance abuse put the health of prisoners at stake. Therefore, providing services to criminals is equally challenging and requires a lot of measures to be put in place. 2. 2 Impacts of a Poor Prison Health Care Prisoners, though criminals are human beings and deserve to be treated as such. A poor prison health care puts the health of the prisoners at risk which is actually denying them their human rights.

Since there is high incidence of diseases in prisons, prisoners end up acquiring diseases leading to poor health, a situation that can easily be prevented if some preventive measures within the health care system are put in place. Failure to access medical services worsens the situation because most of them end up developing some health complications that can be easily prevented. Some cases end up becoming fatal and since every human being is an asset to the country the nation as well as the family members end up losing just because of a poor prison health care system.

A poor prison health care affects even the general public. Since the majority of the prisoners do not spend their whole life in prison, once they are released they usually go back to their normal lives and integrate with the general public. Some of the medical diseases and condition they develop while in prison are usually communicable diseases like hepatitis C and the HIV which can be easily transmitted to the general public. The same burden is transferred to their family members and also to the overall health care.

Since prison health care facilities are financed by the tax payers’ money, poor health care services increases the financial strain and the people who mostly feel this burden are the tax payers’. Some People have argued that in some states some prison health care is better than the health care for the general public. Nevertheless, a poor prison health care affects almost every one in the country including the prison staff and the medical professionals.

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