Project on Pims Hospital Islamabad

1. 1 Brief Introduction Of The Hospital PIMS Hospital is located in islamabad ibn-e-sina road near blue area. Staff Total number of employees working in the Islamabad Hospital is nearly 1800 which includes Executive Director, Consultants, Specialists, Medical and Non-medical officers, Nurses and Paramedics. Clinical Services It has out patient, inpatient departments, which are fully equipped. It has it’s own excellent diagnostic facilities i. e.

Radiology, Pathology, Blood Bank, Angiography, Scanning, stress electrocardiography, EMG and Nerve Contraction, Bronchoscopy, Endoscopy and other GI Procedure. Islamabad Hospital has fully equipped Accident ; Emergency Centre, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Coronary Care Unit (CCU), Operation Theatre (OT) and Private wards with most modern and necessary facilities. Hospital has dialysis unit for Nephrology patients and a Head Injury Unit in Neurosurgery. Workload According to the patient statistics, daily work load in OPD is more than 1200 patients, daily average admissions in inpatients is 60.

The number of patients visiting Accident ; Emergency is more than 200 Our mission is to provide superior health care, ever mindful of each patient’s dignity and individuality, and to deliver services in a way that meets the needs and expectations of our patients and their families. 1. 2 Problem Definition The PIMS Record Management Systems are currently working manually in the Hospital, so following are the main problems that the Hospital is facing. 1) The records are stored on many registers and cards, which are very difficult to handle.

Whenever it is required to enter some record or retrieve some information from these record-keeping registers and cards, it is a very lengthy procedure to work on. 2) Extensive skilled manpower is required to maintain the records and keep the system working in proper fashion. It is not possible without this manpower to handle such an organization’s record manually. 3) There is a very high data redundancy and inconsistency because the system presently is working manually.

The reason for such high redundancy and inconsistency is that the management has to keep records about patients and employees at different places for different purposes. For example, Patient Personal information data is stored in a different register whereas his/her dues information are stored at a different place carrying many data that is common at all places. 4) Because of the problems explained above the overall processing of the work is very slow. First, the appropriate registers are to be found where the records are to be entered.

Then the appropriate patient records are to be found where the entries or changes are required to make. Even the searching is done in the same manner. Therefore, it is very difficult to maintain such a system working at the pace required for an efficient working organization. 5) The data is very insecure because all the data is on registers and cards in the form of written entries. It is quite easy to alter the data stored at any given time. There is no such security provided to different users at different times. Therefore, it is quite risky to keep important data in this manner.

1. 3 Scope Of The Project 1. 3. 1 Scope Computerized Hospital System used for smooth and fast working of the PIMS required. The system we are going to develop will be capable to solve all the problems of the existing PIMS Record Management System, as mentioned above. We will provide such advance software to the organization, which will help them to run the PIMS smoothly, and it will be designed so that it will be able to adopt any new changes according to the requirements and needs of the Hospital. There are four main parts of the project.

First is to develop the Patient Record, second is to develop the Employee Record which include(Executive Director, Consultants, Specialists, Medical and Non-medical officers, Nurses and Paramedics third is to develop the Ward Record and the fourth one is to develop the Salary Record. Developed system will be able to keep the Person information in the following manner: 1) All the personal information about the Patient in the Patient Record System. 2) All the Employee information of the people of the PIMS maintain in the Employee Record portion. 3) All the Salary information of the employees of the PIMS maintain in the Account Record portion.

4) All the Ward information maintain in the Ward Record. 1. 3. 2 Solution Requirements: To provide the above-mentioned facilities to the Hospital following are the main issues that are under consideration: 1) Designing of tables, which is necessary for transactions. 2) Checking whether the data entered is correct and according to the requirements of the system. 3) Also checking that there is no wrong entry in the context of registration number. Each person assigned a unique registration number that cannot be assigned to more than one person in a single entry.

4) Also checking that there is no wrong entry in the context of date and names. If wrong characters are entered in the column of name an error generated by the system. 1. 4 Specific Objectives: Objectives are specific targets that are directed towards goals of the Hospital. These objectives are of the main concern during the development of the project. Objectives are required to be fulfilled after the development of the project. Fulfillment of objectives would let the Hospital to achieve their goals in longer terms. The objective that we were having in this project is to develop a Computerized Hospital System.

Hence, there were mainly two parts of the project, which have in turn many sub parts: i. In development of the personal information, we stored all the data about the Patient that is filled in the Patient Personal Information entry form. This entry form does not only have the personal information of the Patient but also contains information of ward. ii. In second part of the management system, we store all the data about the Employees. Summary The existing system is not efficient because data is not readily available and also conversion of data into information is difficult.

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