Psychological/mental effects

Psychological/mental effects include depression which results from personal judgment and the society in general. They may feel that they do not conform to the “ideal” society standards and hence may suffer from inferiority complex and at a larger extent, depression (Campos, 2004). Controlling the trend To control the continued increase of obese individuals, there are a number of measures that need to be put in place. They include: introduction of policies governing food eating habits and physical activities in schools, the community and other places where they can easily be implemented.

Government through the public health department should run public awareness programs addressing the issue; its causes and how individuals can develop healthy eating habits. This will help increase public awareness and make obesity treatment accessible (Eckel, 2003). Conclusions Considering the number of deaths resulting from diseases associated with obesity such as high blood pressure, deep apnea and diabetes, there is a need to enact laws which will make obesity treatment accessible.

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Advice should also be given to the community to ensure that they adhere to safe eating habits and that they offer support to those individuals who are severely affected by this condition. This will reduce depression in victims and help raise their self esteem and reduce depression which in some cases leads to an increased food dependency for comfort. References Bagchi, D. , & Preuss G. H. (2007). Obesity: epidemiology, pathophysiology, and prevention. Boca Raton: CRC Press. Blackburn, L. G, & Kanders, S. B. (1994).

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