Public Health Discussion

Components of social ecology are quite instrumental for success in community and public health. This is because it enables understanding of the people, their interrelations, and how the influence of their environment to their health (Whiteley, 1999). By applying the top-down effects component of social ecology, one is able to identify how the surrounding environmental factors shape the behavioral approach of the people towards community health. On the other hand, the bottom-up effects component is crucial in determining how reliable cooperation among community members will ensure success of the public health project (Ward & O’Connor, 2009).

These gives the concerned a general overview of the health problems affecting the community and potential challenges to expect in the process of realizing sustainable community and public health. Through this, community health providers will engage in identifying and executing an effective strategic plan towards achieving their public health goals. The process of effective community engagement encompasses a number of strategies. One should identify the purpose, scope, level, and the capacity of the stakeholders to be engaged (Hashageni, 2002).

Another important factor is qualifying the extent to which the community will be involved as such allow for identifying the technique to engage the stakeholders. Involve the stakeholders in the process of winning more stakeholders. A strong consensus-based process should be maintained with the stakeholders to promote confidence and appreciation in the project. This is achieved by implementing an efficient channel for informing, exciting, empowering, and involving the community in the process. A level-setting mechanism and facilitation techniques should be used to educate all participants and maintain the discussion.

Unethical behavior should be effectively prevented, detected, and resolved to mitigate conflict in the engagement process.

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