Public Health Practice Coordinators

The response of the Dean regarding the challenges facing the public health sector coincides with that as mentioned by the Association of Schools of Public Health Council of Public Health Practice Coordinators (p. 11). Indeed, information about public health is important in order to improve the service to the people in need and the internet is truly a helpful tool in delivering information. How the resources available for information interchange is use, including but not limited to the internet, is a crucial aspect in the area of public health.

It is also really important for the public health sector to engage and cooperate with the community which it serves. As the ASPH (2010) mentioned, public health has a very broad scope and therefore it necessary to have coordination between different social sectors in order to have developments in the field. Therefore, partnership is integral in the area of public health. However, the partnership is important not only between public health sectors but in many field as well.

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Leadership is also a vital part in every sector and this is especially true in public health since it is the health and safety of the people that is involved and leadership will greatly help in the efficiency of work and cooperation between members and consequently in life saving since time is a crucial factor in public health. When it comes to the school, it can be said that the school was able to meet some but not all of the suggested responsibilities of public health schools (Spencer, 2010).

However, the school responded well to the recommendation of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to adapt changes in order to accommodate the needs of the student (ASPH, p. 6). This is done by providing additional option for students to attend in the evening. Accordingly, the cost is smaller than that of regular day session. On the other hand, the night option also poses threat to the safety of the students and therefore, precautions and other considerations are necessary. References ASPH (1999). Demonstrating excellence in academic public health practice.

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