Pursue the Nursing Profession

The health care industry is known to have a high demand for nurses. It is one of the most sought after career. Nursing offers a chance for professionals to advance their career in terms of financial and job satisfaction. It can be considered to be a global profession as the demand for nurses is found in most countries. In fact, the sudden rise in numbers of nursing jobs means that the health care industry has improved considerably. Thus, I prefer to pursue nursing among other health care professions.

The nursing profession has been my personal choice as a future long-term career. This calling demands special knowledge, preparation, skills thus enables me to achieve my fullest potential as a nurse who can render care and support to patients. Aside from that, I can achieve higher learning since the nursing profession allows area of specialization gained through specific trainings and skill building. Furthermore, I deeply desire to be a professional nurse who has a noble profession that helps the entire society in my own way.

The mutual relationship between nurses and the society is seen when nurses benefit from opportunities and career advancement from their profession while the society significantly gain from the service and expertise of nurses in the health care sector. Nursing is a discipline that involves the science and art in the delivery of health care to the society. The nursing profession is considered to be the career of the future given the benefits and job fulfillment it offers.

Based on the current demands for registered nurses here and abroad, it only made me more determined to invest my time and efforts to become a nurse. I look forward to the day I am able to realize my dream to finish my nursing studies and earn my nursing license. Among the benefits of the nursing profession are career advancement, fulfillment, and stable career. The nursing profession is a promising career based on its fulfillment in terms of the emotional aspect, financial aspect, and job satisfaction.

These components inspire me to pursue nursing studies to help me prepare for my future and contribute to the society. The idea of nurses licensed by the State to render holistic care to patients in need is an empowering task. It is a noble job wherein nurses are able to show dedication and caring to the sick and suffering. It allows me the opportunity to help others by using skills and a therapeutic use of myself.

In conclusion, nursing is an exciting profession for me since it directs my plan and vision to develop myself into a caring, compassionate, and skillful nurse someday. My dream to become a nurse is similar to an exciting journey that provides an opportunity to mold and improve myself with the help of nursing education and a positive mindset. This journey grants me to change myself into a better person who can contribute to society and at the same time achieve higher learning and job satisfaction in terms of being financially stable and a stable job.

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