Reaction Paper to Discussion on Eating Disorders

In more than one occasions, I have found myself in a judging platform where I saw those people within our society who are experiencing eating disorders as people who do not have control over their lives. However, this was out of lack of understanding as I never took time to understand their plight. After going through a discussion on this topic, I became more enlightened a fact that has prompted me to write this paper focusing on the issues relating to treatment of eating disorders, how one can prevent self from experiencing eating disorders and stressing the fact that diets are useless in treating obesity.

In particular, I agree with the view that there is a need to address the need to maintain a healthy body other than fighting to retain a certain shape which is a common cause for having eating disorders. From this discussion, it has become clear to me that, most of the eating disorders that people experience are more of psychological problems which exhibit themselves through the need to control our diets. I respect my eating habits which are part of a tendency that I acquired while at a very young age.

My family never got used to taking frequent meals, this has made my appetite to remain low hence I have not had any problem in adjusting to this kind of life which has already be come part of a eating norm. From friends, I have come to understand that we all have diverse preferences for certain kind of meals which might be good or bad for our health. I agree that we all eat to live but what we eat should be in line with our body requirements. I see that the society has played a big role in shaping our mental belief in the need to a certain body shape without considering the implications of such beliefs.

In one end the society is to blame for portraying a slim figure as a reflection of a good health. This has led to a big pressure within our female youth to crave and go to every possible extent to achieve such a body shape to the detriment of their health. On the other end, our lifestyle changes have propelled us to living in a society where we prefer light and highly processed food. This has made us t o continue filling our bodies with unnecessary calories an before we realize it we start struggling with obese bodies. In most cases we always think that seeking medical intervention is the best part of remedy.

However, these medical practitioners are always after making a quick buck from our desperate conditions. I have come to realize that the mind of a person is very strong and it acts as a mirror on what we belief in. If one perceives self as fat, he or she might continue believing so regardless of what you may think of him or her. From this discussion, it has become clear to me that, the most important starting point in treatment of eating disorder starts from self. One must acknowledge the fact that he or she is in a serious situation and that there is a need to make a change.

The psychological acceptance prepares ones mind and body in making the necessary but positive adjustments. From this discussion, I am now in agreement with the view that, dieting achieves little in treating obesity. I no longer view those who have overweight bodies as persons who have failed to control their diets. Some of them may even be very comfortable with their body shapes. This understanding will help me to have a better relationship with my friends and I will play a pivotal role in helping them manage their conditions.

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