Stress and Health

In the course of human history, physicians, doctors, medical practitioners alike have always attributed problems regarding health towards biological aspects. Before, every time someone experienced a health problem, it was immediately — and most of the time accurately — related to a specific dysfunction that could be found in the body. Modern medicine, however, although still sticking to the basic principles that human health is largely attributed to various biological functions — as however discovered many other directory sticks and many other factors that contributed to human health.

Psychology, for example, has made cutting edge research and results regarding the effects of mental health overall well-being of individuals that could be directly related and result to physical attributes. Nero science has even discovered that minor intricacies within the chemical reactions in the human brain contribute greatly to the health of an individual. It would therefore be the focus of our paper to understand such new discoveries related to stress and human health.

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Although the study of health and gets contributions to biological problems have traditionally been attributed to the realm of experimental research and statistics, as our research and findings would show, stress plays a very important role in the development, overall well-being, and ecological health of an individual. It would be the purpose of this paper to get a brief description and introduction of what stress is.

After, through the use of various references in peer-reviewed journals, we would then undergo the task of discovering what stress can do to a person’s health in these individuals do not learn how to release such accumulated stress. This paper would also be discussing the argument that stress is a choice for individuals and what could possibly motivate individuals to live life stress free. Because any viable research must have recommendations as to the probable solutions to the problems that they have presented, the end of our paper would be focusing on various activities anyone could be able to do in order to release such stress.

What is stress in the first place? Although there are various and contriving medical definitions of what stress is, the agreement is that stress is a term that refers and points towards the failure of an individual to be able to respond appropriately to emotional difficulties. It has been classified by many researchers to be a kind of stimulus that is generated by the brain, although recent research has also attributed the occurrence of stress to the overproduction of certain kinds of adrenaline in the human body.

What is constant in these discussions, however, is that it is the result of the human individual to be able to not respond to various stimuli. There are many avenues that could cause stress. In fact, in almost all kind of human activity, one kind of stress or another can be attributed. However, in today’s modern world, the most focal point of stress related activities are usually those that are found in the working environment — and in the case of students the school environment — as well as the family environment and social group.

From the point of view of biologists and medical experts and researchers that have delved into the field, stress is the result of Nero chemical reactions in the brain — which is called a stressor — that releases a specific hormone and activates the area of the brain called the hypothalamus. The release of these stress source provide a rapid response for the automatic nervous system of the body and could generate various reactions depending on an individual.

These reactions may be fear, sudden increases in heart rate, or even long-term feelings of depression. There are many literature regarding stress and a large bulk — at least half of the literature available — deal with the discussion of positive stress. However, that is not the focus of our paper. Instead, we would be focusing on what medical professionals and psychologists call negative stress. Perhaps, in order not to waste anymore time and space, we do not need anymore to elaborate on the definition of what negative stress is.

This is something that individuals experience every day. In fact, the occurrence of stress and its definition has been so conventional in society that we do not anymore regarded as a ailment or medical condition but rather a consistency that we must deal with every . However, as our discussion which show, stress could in fact be avoided through a variety of methods. However, this time, we would like to discuss the effects of stress to a person’s health is a dinner plan how to release it.

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