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I could no less agree with the dictum which says that “everything happens for a reason”. And inasmuch as I am now seeing myself at the threshold of a major life decision, I know for certain that my life – as indeed the events and circumstances that have thus far defined who and where I am now – certainly has some good reasons to cherish and be proud of. I have been asked to write about why I wanted to take up Public Health.

I believe that I have so much to enumerate, least of all say. But what lies underneath the seemingly long litany of the reasons that I can think of, relative to my decision to take up Public Health, revolves around this – that I want to act as a bridge that spans the extensive gulf between the need to provide our fellowmen with basic health services, and the palpable lack of competent people to provide it.

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The truth of the matter is, I am well aware of the telling need to promote and secure adequate provisions for Public Health. The health of an entire nation, so they say, depends on the health of all the citizenry. In studying Public Health, it is my sincere desire to learn or get a sound grasp of the all the circumstances, facets and issues, as well as effective approaches that help the people get the best healthcare provisions they need.

In a manner being specific, it is with great anticipation that I am looking forward to learning the highly administrative aspects of Public Health, being that a significant part of providing the people adequate healthcare services lies dependent on the effective flow of protocols and procedures which are duly exercised within both the Federal and the State, as well as Community systems of governance. In the end, it in desiring to make a difference, however minimal, that I am heeding the inner call to take up Public Health.

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