Symptom of pain

All the segments as listed in Exhibit 10 have the symptom of pain of varying degree accompanied with anxiety symptom, but the best segment which could be targeted is “Hurting Helen”. Although the segment size of “Hurting Helen” is relatively smaller than “Functioning Fran” , “Classic Carol”, “Complex Carl” and “Non-responding Nancy” but more than “Addicted denise”, considering cymbalta to be prescribed only as a pain pursuer or a pain killer, “Hurting Helen” would be the best segment. This is because of the following reasons:

• This segment has 100% symptoms of pain, the patients in this segment always complained of pain and not occasionally, and the pain is also severe. • This segment has been on primary prescriptions such as fluoxetine and sertraline which are known to be anti-depressant drugs and do not treat pain. • The physicians are reluctant to prescribe medication which causes obesity problems and this segment comprises of females who are already over-weight. This segment also has been the segment which has been difficult to treat and the response towards other medications provided has been poor.

The next best segment to be considered could be “Complex Carl” since this is the segment where the percentage of patients with pain symptoms in the sample size of 10% is 68% and the patients also reflects comorbid conditions. Ans. 2. If Eli Lilly chooses to pursue the single dose option, the best ones to target would be those who are on twice daily dosage and SSRI ( Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor). The drugs which are prescribed in BID dosage or twice daily are venlafaxine and buproprion.

Out of all the segments who are on either of these drugs are “Complex Carl”, “Addicted Denise” and “Non-responding Nancy”. The appropriate reason for this is: • it would be easier for cymbalta to compete in a market segment where twice daily dosage is given since the Patients on BID dosage show poor compliance. • Further, cymbalta has atleast 3 key ingredients of fluoxetine and has proven efficacy if given as 60mg once daily. Also, patients on venlafexine has been on higher discontinuation rates than SSRIs due to tolerability issues.

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