The Evil effect of Alcohol on the family

 Studies have revealed that children born to active alcoholic parents usually suffer while they are still in the womb. Mother ’s who drink while pregnant are permanently affecting their unborn babies. Just one drinking binge during pregnancy can be enough to damage the baby. The alcohol passes from the mothers bloodstream into the baby’s, then from the baby into the amniotic fluid, where it is then re-absorbed by the baby. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can cause defects in the heart, eyes, physical proportions, and cause mental retardation. (“Inside Story”,6).

Situations like this are usually not pleasant experiences for most families and add considerable strain on the family’s fabric. It is unacceptable to impose such consequences on the life of an innocent newborn. I have witnessed many men abuse their wives and children when drunk, to levels that are life threatening at times. Infliction of physical injury is a common scenario in such homes and violence is almost the order of the day. Many parents are so consumed by their habit that they hardly spend time with their children. Instead of being there when the child gets home from school, they are at happy hour at the local bar.

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It is not uncommon for the parents who receive government aid to spend their welfare checks on alcohol instead of healthy food for their family. The incidence of divorce among alcoholics in most countries is alarmingly high. This is usually due to the physical abuse(s) inflicted by the alcoholic, their emotional and mood instability, and general relationship problems that are compounded by the alcoholic’s erratic behavior. Children of such homes consequently become burdens to society since the basic lessons and values which the families are meant to teach are absent.

Many easily fall into the social vices and conduct that the general society finds unacceptable. Children from such homes almost never do well in school, and their futures are in jeopardy all because of alcohol. Undue sorrow is brought upon families by members who are alcoholics as their lifestyles predisposes them to sudden deaths and injuries. Indeed, it has been found that 100,000 deaths and $85. 8 billion are linked to the abuse of alcohol annually, with 25 to 40 percent of hospital beds being occupied by people being treated for complications from alcoholism (American Medical Association).

If the use of alcohol is checked, our families would enjoy more stability. The Evil Effect of Alcohol on the General Society Almost 18,000 people in the USA died as a result of drunk-driving accidents in 1996 (Government statistics). This statistic is even higher in other countries whose traffic regulations and controls are not as strictly enforced. These huge numbers are an economic loss because the victims can no longer contribute to the growth of such economies. Addiction and dependence are accomplices to the chronic use of alcohol.

As a result, addicts will do virtually anything to obtain alcohol whenever the need arises. The power to say “No” is simply not theirs any more. This is one of the reasons why many alcoholics resort to criminal behavior. Some would never have turned to crime but for the necessity placed on them by their addiction. In like manner, the intoxicating effect of alcohol makes it almost impossible for alcoholics to express the usual considerations and emotions like empathy that keep our societies together. It becomes very easy for them to harm people without any remorse.

They can even kill under the influence of alcohol and feel nothing at all. It is also known that alcohol tends to increase the sexual urge in men, at least when use just begins. At such times, it is not uncommon to find such men approaching women aggressively, and even raping them. Many would never have contemplated such actions under normal circumstances but for the influence of alcohol. All the troubles caused by alcoholics are eventually paid for by the government using hard-earned tax payer’s money.

These are scarce resources that could well have served the people better by investing in basic services like education, power, health centers etc. rather than on the payment for damages and insurance coverage. Apart from the mentioned societal problems, alcohol lures men into violating even the most basic rules of society. Finally, I have met many alcohol users and they are usually not the most likable. Socially, they are more of liabilities to those around them and the average person feels much relief when they leave. Conclusion That alcohol is evil is certainly beyond doubt.

Not even the best of science has succeeded in mitigating the debilitating effects of this agent on every aspect of human life. And in all sincerity, it doesn’t look like that will ever happen. Alcohol will always be bad. If only the world governments could take a closer look at the unnecessary costs incurred and the burdens on the general, law abiding population because of the excesses of the few, better decisions would be made as far as legislations on the use of alcohol are concerned. I feel the world would be a better place in the absence of alcohol. Our world does not need it.

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