The Health Reform

The Health Reform primarily aims to have at least ninety-five percent of Americans insured medically. To make the insurance more affordable to all American citizens from all walks of life, the largest middle class tax will be allocated just for the improvement of the health care industry. This will significantly reduce premium costs for at least ten million families and small business owners who are priced out of coverage today. Also, this reform will enable over 32 million American citizens to afford health care who, at the moment, are deprived with this service.

Note that the largest middle class tax will be used for this reform. This is evidence that the government wants to prioritize its people as its social contract dictates it to do. By providing its constituents with the health care they need, essentially, the government wants to pay them back and hold up their end of the bargain for being elected in office through this effort. If this would be successful, then American citizens will not suffer financially when they get sick. But what about the other sectors that might be of equal weight with health care?

An example may be a budget for education. Why does the government want to give precedence on health care above all else? Well, this might be for a reason that people will probably want to work and move in the society with an insured sense of being for their health. Seeing this positively, the American citizens shall eventually be confident in their health care and thus, they will move in the respective roles in the society with excellence and enthusiasm thinking that their health is being valued by the government.

More importantly, the health sector is being prioritized mainly because health is the foundation of how a society is going to work, if it does work. Since people are the most basic unit of society, each and every one of them serve different functions to make society function. When people are sick, the mechanisms that make society work are crippled. While it may not be evident in today’s society because of the diffusion and the vastness of the population, we can see that this situation is reflective in a company setting.

When an employee is absent because of an illness, some of the daily workload of the company is not accomplished as seamlessly as they should be when the employee is around. When there are more than one employee leaving work because of an illness, then it becomes more and more difficult for the company to function. This small scale representation is a reflection of the importance of health in society, which is why it should take precedence over other equally valid concerns such as education.

Another advantage worth pointing out is that this reform will create and set up a new competitive health insurance market. Since the health insurance market is more transparent under the reform, it becomes the duty of the companies to take their customers’ needs more seriously than their profits, which they have done so for so long in the past. With this, at least ten million American citizens will have the same choices of insurance that the members of Congress will have giving a measure of equality to all citizens of the United States of America.

Furthermore, restrictions on who can get them are either loosened up or removed in order to provide for more equal opportunities to get the healthcare due to disadvantaged individuals who have been denied health insurance for so long because of preexisting medical conditions. As said from the former statement, the largest middle class tax will be allocated for the health care for American citizens. Having a big budget for the health care sector would mean quality health care service offers since it provides for the resource requirements that the industry requires to be efficient and effective in servicing their patients.

Because of the bigger budget, insurance companies will compete in giving good offers to their health care insurance clients so that they would be able to get the large amount of funds to service more people and continue their operations with the profits arising from the funds they receive. Before there might be a division of quality health care insurance from the affluent and the indigent since the latter does not have enough resources to acquire the healthcare they need.

They do not get the same health care service, but at the moment, having the health reform passed, the two will get the same benefits with the help of the government. We can confidently say that the members of the Congress can have the same quality health care service to the plain American citizens, and both will be ensured of quality and efficient service without any discrimination. With the government’s allocated budget for health care for American citizens, the required premiums in the people’s heath care insurance will be lessened as the government shares the responsibility for paying them.

Having a vast competitive health insurance market, insurance industry abuses and denial of care will be prevented especially when the law dictates it to be so. In effect, the health reform will bring out greater accountability to health care. This is ensured in the fact that the only reason the health insurance companies are getting their money is that the government is subsidizing for them. If they don’t follow the government’s rules, then they don’t get the funding.

While this is a carrots and sticks approach to making insurance companies agree, this is beneficial for people since more insurance companies will be open to the idea of having a large amount of secure influx of cash in their coffers even in the light of accepting people they have never accepted before because of the high risks involved in dealing with them. It might be ironic for us to work and work and work all day long and just spend a large amount for our premiums in health care insurance, but with the health reform, the government is taking part in helping the citizens carry the burden from health care insurance premiums.

The salary that you will be spending for your contributions for your insurance can be spent for other things now; may be for your personal development, family needs or just other things you feel like spending. As all American citizens will be availing such health care insurance and a wide range of health insurance companies is available, there would be a slim chance of citizens being deprived with quality health care service as all of them are expected to experience superior health care service with the government’s large allocation for this sector.

To sum up, accountability for health care for American citizens will be offered. Another problem solved regarding health care is the discrimination against Americans with pre-existing conditions. Those citizens that are not readily accepted by health care insurance companies will now be catered with the same benefits as those with citizens who do not have pre-existing conditions. This is a very good move by the government. It aims to help its people who are currently suffering from different illnesses.

Instead of depriving and discriminating them in health care insurance, the government made its move in valuing them and making sure they will be attended upon equally with those citizens who are perfectly healthy. It is not their fault that they are sick. The very least the government can do is to aid them in to a good way such as, provide quality medical assistance. The health reform will empower families by giving them tools to find the best science-based nutrition information. This reform does not only try to help citizens who are suffering form sickness but also to solve the root of the problem.

As they always say, “Prevention is better than cure”. The health care budget does not only focus on ways to provide quality health care services to American citizens but also to fund scientists on finding ways to prevent such health problems. The scientists would also try to seek best foods to take to prevent future complications. This is a great move of the government. It is very impractical to always spend a lot of budget just to solve problems regarding with the citizen’s health.

What is very ideal to do is to seek ways on how to solve such a problem and prevent them from recurring. Preventing ailments from getting in to the Americans and help other Americans who are suffering from illnesses would be a good strategy. By attacking disease before it hits, the health reform wants to find ways on disease prevention. Not only it tries to target the large budget spent on severe complications, but also it tries to save the lives of its citizens which is priceless and the most important thing to consider above all.

Another thing to note is that the Health Reform is primarily based on the fact that the health insurance companies will be used in order to provide for the needs of the beneficiaries. The question now is, would this reform be enough to cover for people in the Medicaid roster when Medicaid currently not being accepted by some health institutions. This is especially the case because doctors and hospitals operate at a loss when they accept patients relying on Medicaid. This is the main reason why the reform is needed: to inject more funds in the ailing industry so that people can get the benefits of healthcare.

With the injection of funds in the Medicaid program, institutions and doctors will become more amiable to accepting Medicaid holders because the insurance covers their costs, preventing them from operating at a loss unlike the previous plan holders. To conclude all of these, the Heath Care Reform will be a lucrative Act for American citizens. First, it will offer an affordable but quality health care insurance for citizens who can not meet the expense. Even if you lack financially, at least, you would not be deprived from quality health care. Secondly, a competitive health care insure market will boost.

With this, all Americans will experience an ever-excellent service that might only be undergone by affluent people. Also, this will create accountability to health care insurance companies to offer the citizens with quality health care service. Very importantly, this will also end the discrimination to American citizens with pre-existing conditions. As other health care insurance companies do not readily accept them, this Act will make a big leap in involving them and letting them experience a service they truly deserve as an American citizen.

Moreover, this Act will not only try to offer a quality health care to citizens, but also to try to save the citizen’s lives by extended research on prevention of the diseases. Finally, it will boost the image and the acceptance of Medicaid cutting rejections from institutions and doctors to service more people. Works Cited “Health Care. ” The White House. 04 May 2010. <http://www. whitehouse. gov/issues/health-care>. Sack, K. (15 March 2010). “As Medicaid Payments Shrink, Patients Are Abandoned. ” The New York Times. < http://www. nytimes. com/2010/03/16/health/policy/16medicaid. html>

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