The Obama healthcare plan

The Obama healthcare plan was established to reduce the cost of health care in the United States. The cost of health has continued to rise and this cannot be met by most citizens. The health reform was to ensure affordability, accountability, sustainability and stabilization of the economy and the budget (family and federal budgets) (White House para 1). It will ensure affordability by cutting down on tax and premium reduction. Millions of Americans have been affected by the high cost of insurance premiums.

The high cost has also had an impact on small businesses. Most of these businesses have not been given coverage in the United States. Therefore, this will be the best move to ensure that all citizens access an affordable insurance cover. According to the Obama, the plan will cover 95% of the citizens in America (White House para 1). In my opinion, this will greatly help the citizens who cannot get insurance cover. Most of the uninsured or inadequately insured Americans will be able to be covered.

Most of the citizens have been denied insurance cover based on several factors such as the levels of income. This health care plan will eliminate this. The healthcare system in the U. S. has for a long time been a broken type of system but this is bound to change with adoption of the Obama healthcare plan. The plan will also put an end to the discrimination that has affected American citizens who have pre-existing disease conditions (BarackObama. com para 2). This means that all citizens will be catered for, both young and old.

This is of benefit to the Americans who for a long time have been sidelined on the basis of their health status. It will reduce exploitation by the insurance companies by ensuring accountability. This will be enhanced by the laid down rules which will ensure that premiums are kept down thus preventing the abuses which have been seen in the insurance industry. Many Americans have been denied health care due to the high premiums charged by the insurance companies (White House para 2).

In my opinion, the citizens will be covered regardless of their status of health or any other condition. It will be the duty of the companies to give the citizens adequate insurance cover. This is of great benefit to the Americans since they will be sure of getting a cover and no company will withdraw the coverage abruptly. Secondly, premium rates will go down even for those who are covered by their employers. This will be as a result of the competition between the different companies and the reduced cost of administration for the employers.

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